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Ancient Files
A collection of documents on the Sixth World, including lists of Immortal Elves and dragons, brief dictionaries of Or'zet and Sperethiel, annotated Dunkelzahn's Will, a bunch of unpublished stories and book drafts, and much, much more.
By Ancient History.
Original, local copy.

Unpublished drafts
A collection of the drafts that went unpublished because of the great CGL debacle or other reasons, including the incredible Shadows of Latin America book compiled by fexes, and unofficial erratas for the recent books.
By a lot of Shadowrun authors; individual authorship is as a rule specified in each draft's filename.
SOLA originals, other materials, local copies of all the drafts.

Translated German extra content
The extra content included into Arsenal 2070 and Bodytech, the German editions of Fourth Edition Arsenal and Augmentation, respectively.
The extra content itself belongs to Pegasus Spiele. Translated by Sengir.
Original, local copy.

German content
Most of the content is from shadowhelix, the German Shadowrun wiki, including various maps as well as adventure modules.
All content belongs to its respective contributors.
Navigation page.

Chummer character generator
The most popular character generator for the Fourth Edition.
By Nebular.
Original, local copy, discussion thread.

Compiled 5e errata
A file with compiled errata for 5e that was unofficially released by the errata team.
The content belongs to its respective contributors.
Discussion thread, original pdf, local copy.

adragon202 SR5 wiki
A fan-made wiki page with compiled SR5 rules, lists and resources, with errata applied.
The content belongs to its respective contributors.
Original page.

Silvesti SR5 wiki
The SR5 section of a fan-made wiki page.
The content belongs to its respective contributors.
Original page.

SR5 Alchemy resources
A forum post from one of the freelancers on reagent usages that never made it into Street Grimoire, and a fan rework of alchemy subsystem in 5e.
By Giabraltar and Bamce, respectively.
The forum post, the reddit post with the rework.

InnavoigTheWizard's SR5 resources
A selection of pdfs containing both rehashed RAW (Shadowrun 5 help pages, Security Questions, Rigging Actions) and house rules.
By InnavoigTheWizard.
Original page.

SR6 Matrix
Sixth edition Matrix rules covered in a reddit post FAQ and a compiled guide by the freelancer who wrote the chapter.
By ReditXenon and Robert 'Banshee' Volbrecht, respectively.
Reddit post, google doc guide.

Shadowsearch - A Shadowrun Search Engine
A customized google search that lets you find info on the setting from the most popular online sources.
By JesterZero.
Original, local copy.

The C.L.U.E. Foundation casefiles
In the archives of C.L.U.E. you will find the 'worst of the worst' stories of the ridiculous, bizarre, and at times downright hilarious situations gamers get their PC's into, sent to C.L.U.E. by GMs and players around the globe.
By Karen and respective submitters.
Web archive, local copy.

Corporate Index
A compiled list of all corporations both large and small ever mentioned in Shadowrun books until 2065.
By Nath.
Original, local copy.

Shadowland posters and publications compiled table
A compiled list of Shadowland posters and authors, as well as an in-universe publishing timeline.
By FastJack.
Shadowland Post Index, local copy.
Shadowland Author Index, local copy.
In-universe Publishing timeline, local copy.
Jackpoint users, local copy.

Shadowrun Product Data
A comprehensive list of products from 1st Edition to present.
By JesterZero.
Dumpshock topic, original, local copy.

Shadowrun maps and insignia
A dozen great Shadowrun fan-made maps and insignia.
By fexes.
Originals, local copies.

Aaron Pavao's Shadowrun page
A fan website with free adventures, rules summaries, a rules-light hack of SR5, and more.
By Aaron.

Carl Schelin's Shadowrun page
A fan website with a large compilation of links to Shadowrun web resources, as well as an archive of fan-made materials of its own.
Seems abandonded in roughly 2004, in the times of Fourth Edition.
By Carl Schelin.
Front page (local copy), materials page (local copy).

Shadowrun name generator
A web generator for personal, artist, bar, corporation, fast food, runner, shop and weapon names.

Cyborgs Unveiled
A fan supplement on playing cyborgs. New reasonably priced bodies and rules that hopefully make them actually possible and fun to play.
By yours truly.
Pdf download.

A mostly completed fan supplement that greatly expands the Day Job quality to cover the multitude of jobs available in the Sixth World.
By yours truly.
Discussion thread, the current draft.

alt.War: Russo-Yakutian War
An ongoing effort to write a Shadowrun supplement on large-scale military conflicts that'd not suck as bad as War!.
By yours truly.
Discussion thread, Volume I, Volume II, Volume III.

Random encounters
A large set of random encounters for runners driving through the sprawl. Some can be used as plot-hooks, others are just there to generate the ambience.
By yours truly.
Txt download.

Weapon tests
A document comparing the potency of SR4AE weapons to the potency of its armour. The results are rather sad.
By yours truly.
Discussion thread, Xls download.