The Ancient Files

The Ancient Files is repository for information on the metaplot of the Shadowrun and Earthdawn games. The secret histories, the hidden masters and the obscure facts are brought together for your benefit. Hopefully, these resources will be of use to you. More is to come.
-AH, 29 August 2005

Update - Added my Shadowrun unpublished drafts.
-AH, 2 June 2010

Update - Added my Shadowrun short fiction.
-AH, 16 March 2010

The Annotated Aztlan Annotations

Comments, theories, and explanations behind the annotations in the Aztlan sourcebook.

The Annotated Dunkelzahn's Will

Comments, theories, and explanations behind the bequests in Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will.

The Annotated "Magic and Death"

Comments, theories, and explanations behind the "Magic and Death" conversation in Cybertechnology.

The Annotated "Things to Come"

Comments, theories, and explanations behind the "Things to Come" conversation in Virtual Realities 2.0.

A Handy Guide to the Shadowrun Multiverse

A reference to all non-pen & paper Shadowrun games, includes the video games and trading card game.

A Handy Guide to Lost Earthdawn

A reference to the Lost Earthdawn novels.

Artifact Index

A catalogue of the powerful magical artefacts in Shadowrun, with references to certain Earthdawn artifacts.

Blood Magic

A description and listing of blood magic use in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes.


A description and listing of dragons and dragon-related creatures in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with comparative notes.

Immortals Elves and Great Dragons

A catalogue of Immortal Elves and Great Dragons in Earthdawn and Shadowrun.

The Infected

A description of the Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus (HMHVV) and its variants, as well as the effects on all metatypes.

Insect Spirits: the Invae

An article and timeline on the Invae, or insect spirits, in both Earthdawn and Shadowrun.


A list of metamagics throughout all editions of the game, with notes and references.

Mundane Magic

A guide to magic use among the mundane.

Orichalcum Index

An article on the origin, description, use, and history of orichalcum in Earthdawn and Shadowrun, with an index of mining locations.

The Or'zet Codex

An orkish glossary.

Shadowrun/Earthdawn Crossovers

A complete list of crossover material between Earthdawn and Shadowrun, by sourcebook.

Sperethiel Dictionary

A compilation of all Sperethiel grammar, history, phrases, terms, and words, with notes on related tongues.

Below are Tom Dowd's short stories regarding Shadowrun, an article published in Dragon Magazine #199 on Dunkelzahn (also by Tom Dowd), as well as the unpublished Earthdawn Sourcebook "Dragons" from FASA. For convenient reference.

  • Dunkelzahn: The Mass-Media Dragon
  • Hunter and Prey
  • Rex Tremendae
  • Wyrm Talk
  • Voices From the Past
  • Post Mortem
  • Dragons PDF

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