A Handy Guide to Lost Earthdawn

Way back in the days when FASA was publishing Earthdawn, they brought out a line of novels, which ran for seven books in the United States before being cancelled. However, there were other books, scheduled to come out, which were aborted by the premature ending of the line (at least in the US; the European line of novels continued.) These are the books of Lost Earthdawn.

Now, strictly speaking, the Lost Earthdawn novels are not part of the canon in the US. But for those out there (like myself) who are just a little on the fanatical side about the secret history behind everything, I provide this handy reference guide, focused on the interests of my site.

Liferock by Jak Koke

Scars by Caroline Spector
Scars is the first in a trilogy that was supposed to have spanned the gap between Earthdawn and Shadowrun, but due to the cancellation of the Earthdawn series, the only novel to see print, until the Lost Earthdawn books were printed, was the last novel, Worlds Without End.

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