Ancient History's Artifact Index

This catalogue of unusual magical items in Shadowrun consists of alphabetical entries, each of which is organized in the given fashion:

Item Name
Item Description Item History
Item Powers/Functions
Mentions of Item

A note: Outset boxes are direct quotes, and use the Shadowrun Reference Standard.

Al Azif

Unknown. If this item is authentic, it would likely be an ancient book or scroll in an Arabic or related script.

The signs and portents are in place. It's written in the stars, heralded by the night sky.
-Dr. Alan Gordon, Crossroads, p.173

Al Azif, by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, is the precursor text from which the legendary Necronomicon is derived. Both tomes are pieces of pseudobiblia, books that don't exist but are referenced by writers, in this case H.P. Lovecraft and his circle of writers.
In any event, in 2057 Dunkelzahn bequested a copy of Al Azif. Whether this lends authenticity to the fictional book in Shadowrun, is one of the tomes modelled after the mythic tome, or is a prank is unknown. It is unknown as of 2063 whether or not Dr. Gordon has collected his bequest or not, but it seems likely.
Dr. Alan Gordon was a brilliant reacher at MIT&T who attempted to map the metaplanes. His researches were halted by the onset of madness and confinement at a mental institution, which he was later discharged from. Still quite disturbed, Dr. Godron completed at least a portion of the map before his death and the destruction of all his papers by a fire elemental in 2060.

To Dr. Alan Gordon, I leave my First Folio edition of Al Azif. Use it well, when and if you must. (poad.27,3)

Unknown. If this item is an actual arcane text, it may well contain rites, rituals and spell formulae; as well as descriptions of ancient and scarcely conceivable planes and entities. As such, the tome would be considered quite valuable for its lore, even if the contents challenge the sanity of the reader.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Crossroads

The Arcana

These powerful artifacts are integral symbols of the Tír na nÓg Ways and Paths, as well as potent items of power in and of themselves.

Dagda's Cauldron

Dagda's Cauldron may be a cup, a bowl or an actual cauldron. The particular material that Dagda's Cauldron is made from is likewise unknown. Within the Seelie Court lay a plain cup roughly carved from horn, which may or may not be Dagda's Cauldron.

Another item of Celtic myth with signifigance in the mythos of the Danaan elves of Tír na nÓg, Dagda's Cauldron is said to hail from the elven city of Murias. Long considered to be the basis for the story of the Holy Grail. Dagda's Cauldron is associated with the element of Water and the Order of Ogma. It was assumed to be held in keeping by the Seelie Court, but in 2063 it is rumored to have been stolen.

Dagda's Cauldron is accorded great powers of healing in myth, and even possesses the ability to raise the dead. What other powers it may possess due to its affinity with the element of Water or the druids of the Order of Ogma are unknown. In the Sixth World, the cauldron is said to be the most prized of all the arcana and to possess some power over spirits (whether of water spirits; the "dead" such as ancestor, shedim, and blood spirits; or spirits in general is unknown.)

Tír na nÓg, Shadows of Europe

The Spear of Lugh

The Spear of Lugh is, as suggested, a spear. More than likely, this ancient weapon is of an ancient Celtic or Elven design. Depending on the actual age of the weapon, it is likely the blade itself is made of bronze, iron or orichalcum.

A mythical weapon from the myths of Eire, especially the revived Ways and Paths of Tír na nÓg. Said to have come from the city of Gorias, this magical weapon (said by some to be the Spear of Longinius, which pierced the side of Christ; also known as the Spear of Destiny.) was supposedly wielded by the hero Lugh (any connection to Lugh Surehand, High Prince of Tir Tairngire, is unknown.) In Tír na nÓg, it is associated with the element of fire and the Order of Brigid; and is supposed to be in the keeping of the Seelie Court.

The exact powers of the Spear of Lugh are unknown, but it is assumed that the Spear is a magical weapon capable of damaging creatures immune to normal weapons. It may possess abilities similar to a weapon focus, or the legendary power to fly back to the wielder's hand when thrown. Whether the Spear's affinity with fire in Elven myth translates to a power over flame is likewise unknown. It is speculated by some that the Spear might grant magical bonus (and penalties) as the Dragonslayer, Sky King, and/or Wise Warrior Idols (worshipped as Lugh by some druids).

Tír na nÓg, Shadows of Europe

The Stone of Fal

The Stone of Fal is, as suggested, a rock. Physical descriptions from myth vary, but the "Seat of Kings" may be roughly fashioned into a block to facilitate sitting.

Straight from the myths of the British Isles, most recently the revived elven Ways and Paths of Tír na nÓg, the Stone of Fal is said to hail from the city of Falias, one of the original cities that the Danaan families hail from. Currently, the Stone of Fal is associated with the Order of Cu Chulainn, and assumed to be under the care of the Seelie Court.

The exact powers of the Stone of Fal are unknown, but are assumed to be connected in some with elemental earth, and/or rulership.

Tír na nÓg, Shadows of Europe

The Sword of Nuada

The Sword of Nuada is a long silver blade of elven craftsmanship, the hasp plated in gold and set with cabochon emeralds and rubies. The exact style of the blade is unknown.

Encased in a glass box was a long silver sword whose hasp was plated in gold and set with cabochon emeralds and rubies. So this was where the Sword of Nuadha had finally come to rest.(wwe.108)

Also known as the Sword of Nuadha, this artifact is purportedly the blade of that hero from Celtic and Tír na nÓg mythos. It may be the basis of other legendary swords, such as King Arthur's blade Excalibur. Reportedly from the city of Findias of Danaan myth, it was presumed lost for an unknown period before surfacing again. Last seen in the possession of the Seelie Court in 2056, and is assumed to remain there. It is associated with the element of Air and the Order of Etain, who see it as a symbol of Reason, able to cut to the heart of a problem.

It is assumed that the Sword of Nuada is an enchanted weapon, capable of harming beings immune to normal weapons, and possibly acting in other ways like a weapon focus. Any other abilities of the sword, including any related to its affinity with the element of air, are unknown. It is speculated the weapon may give magical bonuses (and impose penalties) in the same manner as the Dark King Idol (worshipped as Nuada by some druids).

Tír na nÓg, Shadows of Europe, Worlds Without End

The Arrow of Red Dragon Slaying

It is generally assumed that this artifact is shaped as an arrow, though even that is mere conjecture.

This artifact was listed in Dunkelzahn's Will in 2057. It is unknown whether it has since been claimed or not. This artifact may or may not be related to the Banner of the Red Dragon, detailed below.

To the first party to discover what lies behind the door of room 429 of the Saeder-Krupp offices in Berlin and report their findings to Lofwyr, I leave the Arrow of Red Dragon Slaying. (poad.32,2)

It is assumed that the Arrow of Red Dragon Slaying is a missle weapon of special efficiency against "red" dragons. Both Ryumyo and Rhonabwy possess red scales, but whether this item was meant for either of them is unknown.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Ash of Seva

Unknown, though presumably this is a form of volcanic ash.

The Ash of Seva rained down when the Gunang Agung volcano exploded in 2011, in what would become the the Enlightened Kingdom of Bali. Many rich Europeans have come to Bali in hopes of benefitting from the treatments there.

Unknown. It is rumored that the Balinese use the substance in treatments that grant tremendous longevity.

Shadows of Asia

Ashes of the Great Tree

It is assumed that this is a quantity of ashes in some form of container. If these are the ashes of the White Tree, they may contain portions of orichalcum and other magical elements.

This item was listed in Dunkelzahn's Will as a bequest in 2057; whether or not it was claimed is unknown. The identity of the "Great Tree" is unknown, although there are two prime suspects: the White Tree and Oakheart. The White Tree sprang from the heart of All-Wings, at the nexus of several veins of orichalcum and other magical elements. Recent revelations hint that this plant, of special interest to dragonkind, was destroyed sometime after the Earthdawn Era. The second tree, Oakheart, was the progenitor of the Wyrm Wood forest, planted by Jaspree and nurtured by Alamaise, thus possessing a special connection to both elves and dragons. Oakheart was corrupted by the spell that transformed the Wyrm Wood into Blood Wood, and is assumed to have ultimately dePatterned or been destroyed.

To the government of Amazonia, I leave the Pale Orchid and the Ashes of the Great Tree. Use them to help protect the world from itself, but do not forget the lessons of the past or assume that your wisdom is greater than Nature’s. (poad.30,3)

The powers of the Ashes of the Great Tree, if any, are unknown. It is possible they make a magically potent fertilizer.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Banner of the Red Dragon

It is assumed that this artifact is a banner or flag of some type, most probably bearing an image of a red dragon.

Another bequest from Dunkelzahn's Will. Derrick Erding was a character played by Eric Jameson of ShadowRN. The character Erding was a descendant of Welsh Kings, and his adventures included an encounter with a red dragon (who may or may not be Rhonabwy.)

To Darrick Erding, I leave the Banner of the Red Dragon out of respect for his heritage. Use it well.(poad.27,3)

The powers of this artifact, if any, are unknown and open to speculation.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Book of Gaf


This ancient tome purportedly has covers made from beaten sheets of orichalcum, presumably containing all manner of arcane writings in Atlantean (or Theran.)

Purportedly an artifact of the Fourth World, written by Atlanteans who travelled to the stars after some sort of great cataclysm. The Book of Gaf was supposedly uncovered by a Russian expedition to Antarctica around the turn of the century, but went unrecognized until Dr. Mike Nickson uncovered the book sometime around 2052-2053. The Book gained notoreity along with the group he started on its principles, the Aleph Society. No physical evidence of the book has yet come to light.

The powers of the Book of Gaf, if any, are unknown. If authentic, the book has likely been enchanted to be resistant to the elements, explaining how it survived the passage of time so well. Likewise, it is assumed that the book contains arcane information, such as ancient spell formulae, descriptions of the spirit Gaf, metaplanar descriptions of the Black Moon, and possibly documentation of metamagical techniques such as Sacrificing. The Book of Gaf is said to contain a ritual to find an individual magician's "Throne of the Soul" and link it to the "Black Moon," essentially a process similar to initiation that creates a spirit pact with Gaf, who may restore a burned-out magician's magical ability.

Threats 2

The Book of Leaves

Appearence unknown, although it is assumed the artifact is in the form of a book.

This item was listed in Dunkelzahn's Will as a bequest to Jenna Ni'fairra. Whether she accepted the book is unknown.

To Jenna Ni’Fairra, I leave the Book of Leaves. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, according to humans. If that is true, and it seems likely, then perhaps it is time we all learned. (poad.32,1)

The powers or knowledge contained by the Book of Leaves, if any are unknown.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Coins of Luck

When Dunkelzahn died in 2057, he left four coins in his Will, known as the Coins of Luck. These ancient magical artifacts resemble early Chinese bronze coins; each one round, engraved with faded characters, and possessing a square hole in the center of the coin. Each coin is worth nearly a million nuyen based solely on age: they are at least 2,000 years old, said to date back to the Xia Dynasty. They appear like other coins from the Xia Dynasty, but never tarnish.

The Coins were supposedly last used together in 1281. When the Mongols invaded Japan in that year, the Japanese Emperor used to the Coins to divine the precise moment for his priests to summon a "Divine Wind" (a hurricane) to smash the Mongol fleet.

According to folk tales, the Dragon-Kings gave the four coins to humanity in the distant past, each representing a different type of good luck. The Dragon-Kings, servants of the Celestial Emperor, each ruled from a crystal palace in one of the four seas surrounding China, and were masters of the rain on which China depended. Supposedly, it was bad luck to sell or spend a Coin: it must be given away.

The coins, or something like them, go back to at least the Pre-Scourge Earthdawn era, where they were the property of the dragon Mountainshadow. The Coins, along with other treasures were confined by rebellious elven servitors to the Vault of El-Aethor until after the Second Theran War, when the ruins of El-Aethor at Stormhead were uncovered.

The Coins are difficult to tell apart, as each possesses the same four faded characters and does not tarnish. Furthermore, the Coins' auras are masked, which can only be pierced by a skilled magician. However, once the masking is pierced, one of the characters on the face of the Coin (fu, lu, shou and feng) will glow, revealing which of the coins it is.

While each individual Coin has powers, the Coins are supposed to have certain powers when used collectively. When used as a set, the Coins can divine the optimum moment to cast a spell.

The great dragon Lung has expressed interest in acquiring the 1st and 4th Coins of Luck, as he believes possessing three is very lucky while possessing four is very unlucky. Wuxing is interested in obtaining all four coins.

The First Coin of Luck: Prosperity / Wealth

The Lu Coin

The First Coin of Luck appears to be a very old, worn Chinese bronze coin with a square hole drilled through the center. Faint characters can still be seen on its surface.

After the death of Dunkelzahn, the First Coin of Luck was, according to the terms of his secret Will, given to the poor fisherman Sun Yat-Sun of Hong Kong (who is rumored to have done DUnkelzahn some service). Unfortunately, Sun Yat-Sun was killed, supposedly by the Yakuza (disguised as Triads), shortly after acquiring the Coin, which was stolen. The Coin was temporairily the property of the Sons of Thunder shadowrunner group, who were nearly killed attempting to sell it to the "Triads". Ryumyo then possessed the coin until 2062, when it was again stolen, this time by Ghostwalker; but his agent was killed shortly after arriving in Denver. The current whereabouts and owner of the Coin are unknown.

The exact powers of the First Coin of Luck are unknown, but are assumed to grant a measure of material wealth to the owner...if they can hold onto it. The Coin may also cause bad luck if misused.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons of the Sixth World, The Book of Dragons(Revised and Expanded), Tails You Lose

The Second Coin of Luck: Longevity

The Shou Coin

The Second Coin of Luck appears to be a very old, worn Chinese bronze coin with a square hole drilled through the center. Faint characters can still be seen on its surface.

In his Will, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Second Coin of Luck to the Great Dragon Lung.

To Lung, I leave the Second Coin of Luck in hopes that he might benefit from the long view as I have. (poad.29,2)

The exact powers of the Second Coin of Luck are unknown, but are assumed to grant longevity. The Coin may also cause bad luck if misused.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons of the Sixth World, The Book of Dragons(Revised and Expanded), Tails You Lose

The Third Coin of Luck: Fertility

The Feng Coin

The Third Coin of Luck appears to be a very old, worn Chinese bronze coin with a square hole drilled through the center. Faint characters can still be seen on its surface.

Dunkelzahn's Will bequeathed the Third Coin of Luck to Sharon Chang-Wu, wife of Wu Lang-Wai, CEO of Wuxing. Since then, Wuxing has grown precipitously, and Mr. and Mrs. Wu have become the proud parents of quintuplet daughters.

To Sharon Chiang-Wu, I leave the Third Coin of Luck. (poad.30,3)

The exact powers of the Third Coin of Luck are unknown, but are associated with growth and fertility in all things; which could in part explain both Sharon Chiang-Wu's recent multiple pregnancy as well as the growing fortunes of Wuxing. It has also been suggested the coin may be a spell focus for healing magic, but this is only speculation.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons of the Sixth World, The Book of Dragons(Revised and Expanded), Tails You Lose

The Fourth Coin of Luck: Good Fortune / Happiness

The Fu Coin

The Fourth Coin of Luck appears to be a very old, worn Chinese bronze coin with a square hole drilled through the center. Faint characters can still be seen on its surface.

The Fourth Coin of luck was within a piece of jade labelled with the Chinese chracter "Fu" (Happiness), in the unknowing possession of Akira Kageyama, which he found amongst his mother's poessions after her death (which is interesting given the Coins' purported history with Dragon-Kings in crystal palaces under the sea). In 2062, three lesser Eastern dragons known as Mang, Chiao and Li (possibly working for Lung, Rymuyo, Wuxing, or just themselves) learned of the Coin and attempted to steal it, but were ultimately unsuccessful. In the end, the shadowrunner Night Owl sold a fake coin and kept the real one.

The Fourth Coin of Luck brings happiness by good also elicits a state of joy or happiness in anyone holding the coin; characterised by alpha waves generated in the holder's brain.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons of the Sixth World, The Book of Dragons(Revised and Expanded), Tails You Lose

Craig Sanchez's Token

An amulet of green stone.

In 2033 Dunkelzahn taught the spirit Butttercup a lesson by binding her to the mind of a destitute ork named Craig Sanchez for a year and a day. After that time, Sanchez remained more or less the same, but knew Buttercup's true name. When Dunkelzahn died in 2057, Sanchez was bequeathed this amulet to protect should Buttercup want to eliminate him as a threat. As it turned out, Buttercup did learn a lesson and is taking care of Sanchez.

To Craig Sanchez, I leave a small token of my esteem, to be distributed by the Draco Foundation. (poad.32,2)

The amulet masks the aura of anyone who puts it on, so that they appear to be completely mundane--it even hides cyberware. The amulet is as effective as a 5th-grade initiate with a Magic Attribute of 11.

Protfolio of a Dragon: DUnkelzahn's Will, Blood in the Boardroom

de Vries' Essence Focus

This is a small jade statuette of a four-armed demoness.

Martin de Vries, a vampire and vampire-hunter, discovered this ancient and apparently unique focus on a trip to Indonesia in 2045.

The focus adds 4 to the Essence rating of any vampire while it is in their possession, and increases their maximum Essence by the same amount. Should their Essence reach 4 (i.e. it would naturally be zero without the focus), the vampire does not die but suffers a +1 cumulative penality to all target numbers, and their Essence continues to decrease as normal.

Prime Runners, Threats

The Dragon Heart

The Dragonheart is a statue of a four-chambered heart, four times the size of the average human heart, made entirely from orichalcum.

Following the discovery on the night of his Inaugragation in 2057 that Aztlan had uncovered and at least partially activated a Locus, Dunkelzahn sacrificed himself (destroying his physical form and opening up an astral rift) to complete the enchantment of the Dragonheart. This artifact, bequeathed to his trusted agent Ryan Mercury for use against the coming Horrors, was stolen shortly thereafter and passed through a number of different hands. Eventually, the magicians Talon and Harlequin managed to translate the Dragonheart from the physical plane to the metaplanes. There, Harlequin, Aina, Talon and Ryan Mercury battled the Horrors crossing the Bridge created by Darke, the Blood Mage Gestalt, and the Corrupted Locus while Billy (formerly Burnout) the Cyberzombie and the free spirit Lethe used the Dragonheart to destroy the Bridge and the mana spike it was based on. Billy and Lethe (who has remembered that it is the spirit of Dunkelzahn) remain with the Dragonheart on the metaplanes, to diffuse new mana spikes as they form.

To Ryanthusar I leave my heart, which you will find at my Lake Louise residence. (poad.34,3)

At the grossest level, the Dragonheart is an universal focus, usable by anyone who touches it to augment any magical power they possess, be it spellcasting, adept powers, etc. The true power of the dragonheart is the ability to manipulate mana on an incredible scale; such as removing the mana spike created by the Great Ghost Dance or causing a temporary surge of mana through specific individuals to cause them to manifest forms available only in higher mana environments (for example: Ryan Mercury expressed as a drake years before the mana level naturally rose to such a level that would allow such an expression.) The elf mage Harlequin claims that such an artifact should not normally be able to be created in such a low-mana environment as 2057; and that even then it should not be at full power. Dunkelzahn's sacrifice was the only way such an artifact would come into being at full power so early in the mana cycle.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Stranger Souls, Clockwork Asylum, Beyond the Pale

The Elemental Scrolls of Ak'le'ar

A total of five Scrolls are written on what feels like vellum but looks like thick parchment. Each Scroll is about 1 meter in height and approximately 33 centimeters in diameter when rolled up. Each is 50 m long when unrolled. The spools are made of metal and have lacquered black tops on them. (cpu.84,2)

The scrolls are attached to metal spools ioth circular metal end-caps, one engraved with a pentagram, the other with an eight-spoked wheel.(sur.59,1)

Each scroll is kept in a dark leather slipcase (armor 0/1), with an inlaid pentagram and wheel-like design on opposing sides. A hardwood case (Rating 3 barrier) can hold all five Scrolls; they were kept in this box while in the possession of the dragon. (cpu.84,2)

Writing appears on both sides, though one side has a higher density of markings. The markings are text, diagrams, runes, sigils, and other images that may be maps or astrological charts of some kind. At least three languages were used, one of which is certainly magical. None are modern languages (pre-1500's) and none of the three languages has yet been deciphered. (cpu.84,2)

The Elementalist Ak'le'ar was purportedly a character in Steve Kenson's Earthdawn campaign. In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed these scrolls to Hualpa. In 2060, Hualpa loaned the Scrolls to the Dunkelzahn Institute for Magical Research for purposes of study. The DIMR worked in collaboration with MIT&T, from where the Scrolls were subsequently stolen. After passing through several hands, they ended up with Hestaby, who returned them to Hualpa in 2062 as part of the Rite of Succession.

To Hualpa, who has already achieved so much, I leave the Elemental Scrolls of Ak’le’ar. Though they are not our work, there is much wisdom to be learned from them. May your continued efforts to protect what others would destroy be successful. (poad.28,3)

The Scrolls of Ak'le'ar do not grant powers or abilities, as far as can be determined. They undoubtably contain some measure of arcane lore, but since the scrolls have not been translated, the exact nature of this lore in unknown aside from its apparent connection to elemental magic and spirits. The Scrolls are protected by a type of great form ally spirit-cum-fire elemental which appears as a human wearing flowing robes, shrouded in fire with shadowy features and eyes like twin furnaces. This fire elemental is powerful, intelligent, and bound into the Scrolls. Area within a kilometer of the Scrolls may be subject to wild magic, mana warps, or background counts aspected against non-elemental magic; these effects rarely last for long periods of time. Elementals and Spirits of the Elements with Force Ratings of 2d6 randomly and spontaneously appear near the Scrolls; they tend to be curious rather than hostile unless a magician tries to bind, banish or attack them.

Astral and chemical analysis give conflicting answers to the age and composition of the Scrolls. One day, a test will show them to be 7,000 years old, while the next day it will report 7 years old. Somedays the items seem to be enchanted, others not. (cpu.84,2)

Despite their appearence, the scrolls are very sturdy and can take rough handling. The material is very hard to cut and won't stain at all. It is fire and acid resistant. Water and solvents won't penetrate the surface or smudge the ink. For purposes of resisting attacks, consider the Scrolls to have Armor/Mystic Armor Ratings 20 and a Body of 13. (cpu.84,2)

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Corporate Punishment, Dragons of the Sixth World, Survival of the Fittest

The Everliving Flower

The Everliving Flower is a perfectly preserved rose within a sealed block of solid crystal. The rose is normally black.

In the Earthdawn Era before the Scourge, the elves of Shosara obtained a rose from the gardens that blossamed around the Queen's Palace in Wyrm Wood; and enchanted it so that it would live forever, a symbol of the immortal, unchanging nature of elven culture. Then they sealed it within a magical crystal box and sent it to Queen Failla. However, enroute from Shosara to Wyrm Wood the Everliving Flower dissapeared, to reappear in the Theran capital of Parlainth, where it rested until that city's return after the Scourge. The wizard Hiermon of Haven hired a band of adventurers to recover the flower, and it was transported back to the court of Queen Alachia in the Blood Wood.

The dragon Mountainshadow had a band of adepts breach the Blood Wood and steal the Everliving Flower, leaving the Rose Crystal in its place in order to trick Alachia into believing the Therans had stolen the Flower (again). Alachia fell for this bait and committed her forces against the Therans.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Everliving Flower to Alachia in his Will.

To Alachia, I leave the Everliving Flower. I have no more use for it. (poad.27,1)

The Everliving Flower is normally black, but blooms bright red when in the presence of any dragonkin. It is rumored that any whose skin is pierced by the Flower's thorns will be granted immortal life, though none have discovered how to open the crystal box to do so. It is also claimed that the Everliving Flower may play some part in healing the Corruption of the Blood Wood.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Mists of Betrayal, Denizens of Earthdawn: Volume I, The Blood Wood, Barsaive at War


The exact style, substance, and material of Excalibur is unknown; stories and myth have given it countless variations.

The sword Excalibur is legendary, and the myth and stories about it have become intertwined. Most agree that Excalibur was the sword wielded by King Arthur, which he received from the Lady of the Lake following the advice of Merlin, and which ws returned to the Lady of the Lake when Arthur died. In 2055, the elf mage Harlequin engaged in an epic Astral Quest to stop the Enemy from crossing over to our world. In one of the Places along that journey, the participants encountered the sword Excalibur. In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the sword Excalibur to Harlequin, whenever the Draco Foundation found it. Shortly thereafter, Harlequin admitted he thought the sword only a myth. In 2063, a peculiar pedagogue known as the Pendragon, wielding a sword, appeared throughout Britain. If the Pendragon is Arthur, then the sword may be Excalibur.

To the last Knight of the Crying Spire, I leave the suit of armor worn by Richard the Lion-hearted on his Crusade, because it's up to You to lead the next one. I also leave you the sword Excalibur — unfortunately, I can't seem to find it at the moment. To whomever finds Excalibur, deliver it to the Draco Foundation for a reward and title. The Draco Foundation will promptly turn the sword over to you, my knight. (poad.34,3)

The exact powers of Excalibur are unknown, though it is undoubtably a magic weapon at least as potent as a high-level weapon focus of the same type. When encountered on the metaplanes, Excalibur's power was noticeable to all magicians nearby, even without the usual astral senses available to them in that Place.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Harlequin's Back, Shadows of Europe, Post Mortem

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan is an ancient cloth flag, with a very worn appearence.

This real-world artifact is an ancient and revered artifact of Scotland. The exact stories differ, but in the distant past the MacLeod of MacLeod was given the banner by the Shide (or Fairies). It was twice born into battle by the MacLeod clan, and during World War II pilots of the clan kept pictures of it for luck. It has been on display in Dunvegan Castle since then, which lies on the Scythe Ley. The Clan MacLeod have refused all offers to buy it, even a generous one from Tír na nÓg in 2035 (they upgraded their security around the flag shortly thereafter). As of Yuletide 2061, it is claimed that the sound of distant trumpets as of an approaching army can be heard near Dunvegan Castle, and that the Fairy Flag glows brightly on the Astral.

It is claimed that, in accordance with their promise, the MacLeod of MacLeod may invoke the aid of the Shide up to three times by waving the Fairy Flag. It has been carried into battle twice, so there should be one call remaining. Scottish lore also attributes the flag with other powers.

Target: Awakened Lands

The First Key of Power

The exact appearence of this artifact is unknown. It may be key-shaped.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed the First Key of Power, which has been confirmed to be a magical artifact, in his Will. There are a number of Key-shaped artifacts in the 4th and 6th worlds, including the Keys to the Heart of Heroes, so the exact nature of this artifact remains unclear; though Dunkie's purpose was apparently to take a jab at the leaders of the Two Tirs. In 2061, the Unseelie Court attempted to obtain the key by publishing an unauthorized bigraphy, but their claim was denied as the biography must come with the consent of the nation's leaders.

I offer ownership of the First Key of Power to the government of either Tir Tairngire or Tír na nÓg, whichever nation first publicly discloses the complete personal histories of all of its high government officials. This disclosure must be supervised by the Draco Foundation in accordance with my instructions. Speratemel rel timaan perest? Hellon Sperethiel. (poad.25,2)

The powers of the First Key of Power are unknown.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Shadows of Europe

Golden Cauldron

A Celtic-style metal cauldron, golden in color.

A possession of Dominic O'Brien, member of the Order of Ogma, as of 2055.

This cauldron is a unique focus. Druids may use the cauldron (often by boiling herbs in it and touching it) to access the following spirit powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Movement and Weather Control, for a drain of 6L per power used.

Celtic Double-Cross

The Idol

The idol is just over 30 centimeters long and carved of deep red stone etched with vaguely hermetic symbols and patterns worn almost flat. The idol is demon-shaped and clutching a ball to its chest. Before being defused, both the ball and the eyes of the Idol glowed. The Idol weighs approximately 2 kilograms.

Pietr Fidgeton discovered the Idol in the South Pacific in 2050, and carried it back to Seattle. After an abortive attempt to sell the device to an unnamed noble of Tir Tairngire, the device ended up in the hands of the lesser Western Dragon Lochlann, who became corrupted by it. Eventually, the recently Awakened Great Dragon Arleesh defused the Idol. The Idol's remains were taken by the assassin Blackwing and returned to the unnamed Tir noble. The lore store known as the Phoinex in Denver also sold an item very similar in appearence to this one.

The Idol is a Rating 12 power focus usable by whoever touches it. The Idol does not draw its power from Astral Space, but from some other plane. The Idol ultimately corrupts the user, physically and mentally, until the user becomes addicted to its power and, ultimately, dies.

Bottled Demon, Denver Boxed Set


As a program, jackBNimble has no physical representation. In the Matrix, it has only been seen as a shadow.

The JackBNimble program was bequeathed to Captain Chaos when he died, and the Captain never managed to break the encryption on the file. In 2065, the assault of the Jormungand worm shredded the encryption on the file and caused it to activate, "saving" Captain Chaos and others who were dying in the Matrix. The current whereabouts of JackBNimble are unknown.

To Captain Chaos, I leave the encrypted file JackBNimble. Whatever rewards it reveals are yours. I had no success trying to decrypt this thing, but I’ve always believed it contained some communication from another world. Of course, I could be wrong. I’ve also notified the Draco Foundation to provide for your well-being in the event the file deals you a debilitating injury. (poad)

The JackBNimble program appears to be at least as complicated as a semi-autonomous knowbot, and appears to be able to "save" deckers as files - which, under certain circumstances, can appear to "wake up."

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, System Failure

The Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire

The Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire is a 25-kilogram statue of three fish leaping out of water, carved from warm green jade. On the Astral, the statue appears to be astrally active, and may possess a spirit of some unknown type within it.

It is said that in ancient China, during the time of the First Emperor, the Emperor called on the great sculptor Chan Lo to sculpt a dragon of wind and fire from a sizable piece of fine green jade. After careful consideration, the sculptor crafted the jade into three leaping fish, explaining to the Emperor that he could not see a dragon within the jade. At first the Emperor was angry with Chan Lo, but after some thought he came to understand the sculptor was right, and rewarded him.

In the Earthdawn era, Mountainshadow retrieved a large block of jade from the Vault of El-Aethor. When he died, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the statue to Wu Lung-Wei, a geomancer and CEO of Wuxing. After refusing all offers for purchase (including one from Lofwyr) Wu placed the statue at a power site on a nexus of mana lines, carefully channelling mana into the statue, causing a number of interesting effects. These effects were somewhat reversed during the Rite of Succession, when a group of runners geomantically altered the room around the Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire, redirecting a massive amount of mana for a short time.

To Wu Lung-Wei, I leave the Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire. (poad.32,1)

The Jade Dragon of Wind and Fire is a focus of some sort, that much is apparent. Some have said it reveals Truth, but this is unconfirmed. What is confirmed is that the statue possesses some apparent quality in regards to geomancy, possibly serving to amplify or utilize the mana gained by proper application of that skill. In September 2061, the Year of the Comet, an astral shallow developed around the Wuxing Skytower in Hong Kong, where the statue is held and a potent power site where mana is channelled into the statue. The effect ended in 2062, when geomantic manipulations carefully balanced the flow of mana between places of power in Hong Kong (Wuxing), Vladivostok (Buttercup), mainland China (Lung) and Japan (Ryumyo.) It is apparent that situated as it is, the Jade Dragon can alter the balance of mana along the entire dragon line network, if one has the proper knowledge and skill.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Year of the Comet, Survival of the Fittest, Book of Dragons (Revised and Expanded)

The Jewel of Memory

It's a big crystal, reddish-colored, about a meter tall. It looks natural, not cut, but it's very well polished. And it's absolutely crawling with barely constrained mojo. A friend of mine says he saw shapes moving around inside it when he gave it an astral look-see. (poad.42,1)

During the Earthdawn era, Mountainshadow was the Keeper of the Jewel of Memory. When Dunkelzahn died in 2057, he bequeathed the Jewel to Lofwyr, who used it as the basis for his claim to the title of Loremaster. Lofwyr brought the Jewel back to Germany with him, though it was accessed by the shapeshifter Romulus in 2061. The claim to the Jewel and Lofwyr as Loremaster was disputed, and in 2062 a Rite of Succession was held. Lofwyr removed the magical essence of the crystal to a distant metaplane; a prudent and daring move as his brother Alamaise stole the now-valueless physical crystal. Following the Rite, Lofwyr kept both the intact Jewel of Memory and his position as Loremaster.

To Lofwyr, I leave the Jewel of Memory and a bit of advice: consider your works and the possibility that, in the eyes of the Universe, you are no more or less than any of the Earth’s creatures. I tried it, and it works wonders. (poad.29,1)

Dragons create "memory crystals" rather than books or scrolls to record their lore; enchanting natural crystals with Dragonspeech. The Jewel of Memory, just due to its size, could hold a massive amount of knowledge if it were a simple memory crystal, but it has further enchantments. The free spirit Muirico claims that the Jewel holds the forgotten memories of everyone, and that whenever someone remembers something they've forgotten, they are accessing the Jewel. The astral form of the shapechanger Romulus was able to access the Jewel and recover the lost memories of another by remembering something he had forgotten and following his memories into the Jewel. Lofwyr has shown able to seperate the Jewel's magical essence from its physical shell; and that the magical essence can be seperated into pieces.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Survival of the Fittest, Dragons PDF, Book of Dragons (Revised and Expanded), The Forever Drug

Longlei (Dragon Tears)


In 2064, Wuxing discovered a natural water radical in the South China sea. These are known as longlei, or "Dragon Tears."

Presumably, longlei can be used as other magical radicals. In addition, if other elemental radicals exist, it is possible they may be combined to create orichalcum.

Shadows of Asia

Lucky Preces Foot

Probably the left hind paw of a rabbit, only about twice as large as normal, preserved and possibly dyed but otherwise it is likely the fur ranges from pale yellow to light chestnut brown. The incised portion will likely be capped, and perhaps on a chain.

The preces, also known as supplicant, prayer rabbit, and grassfang, is a critter similar to a rabbit, except prone to bloody, carnivorous rampages when in heat. Thus, this is a rather unusual lucky rabbits foot.

To the first party to find my lair in the Caucasus Mountains, I leave its contents, including clues to the location of two other lairs. In the third lair, you will find a plain brown scroll case. Return the case to the Draco Foundation unopened, and you will receive my lucky preces foot. May it bring you all the good fortune it brought me.(poad.31,2)

Unknown. A rabbit's foot is believed to be a good luck charm, to ward off ill fortune.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, for more on preces, see: Creatures of Barsaive.

The MacDonald Claymore

An old Scottish claymore, in good condition.

An heirloom of the MacDonald clan, this claymore rests in Laidon Castle at least as of 2053.

The claymore projects a Rating 7 Astral Barrier around Laidon Castle, which impedes all save MacDonald magicians.




Mel'thelem are smooth-faced, geometric protrusions of dark rock with tremendous veins of orichalcum.

A mel'thelem is a large artifact constructed on a nexus of mana lines during the 4th World. To date, loci have been sighted in Aztlan and Tír na nÓg. In 2055, rumors began that the Blood Mage Gestalt was linking the auras of their teocallí across Aztlan in order to monitor mana throughout the country, and map the corresponding astral space. This practice enabled the magician Darke to find, excavate, and partially active a Locus in San Marcos, near the Aztlan border with Pueblo. The threat of an active, Corrupt locus was such that Dunkelzahn staged his assassination to empower the Dragon Heart. Darke used Blood Magic to fully power the Locus, and with the Blood Mage Gestalt he destroyed Thayla and rebuilt the Bridge across the metaplanes to allow the Horrors entry. Harlequin, Aina, the human mage Talon, and the drake Ryan Mercury held off the Horrors while Dunkelzahn's spirit used the Dragon Heart to destroy the Bridge, the Spike Point, and the San Marcos Locus, along with the Blood Mage Gestalt and possibly Darke as well.

They were created long ago to be magical resevoirs, like batteries that have now gone dead in the low mana. But if activated, they can be used to store, enhance, and focus magical power on a massive scale.(btp.77)

Aztlan, Tír na nÓg, Stranger Souls, Clockwork Asylum, Beyond the Pale

Naga Emeralds

Naga emeralds appeare similar to normal emeralds, but the inside of the gem appears to swirl.

Ever since their comeback in 2013, the nagas of Cambodia have used the rare and highly valued naga emeralds as a form of payment. Where the nagas obtain these emeralds is unknown; some suggest they actually excrete them in some fashion.

The swirling effect is caused by actual shifting of the crystalline structure within the stones, though the cause of this shifting is unknown. Some suggest that naga stones can be used to control their owners.

Shadows of Asia

Neptune's Net

Unknown. It is conjectured the device looks like a fishing net.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this item to the same Cross Corp subsidiary he charged with bringing out the Matrix Monocle. In 2070, it was rumored that the Sea Dragon may be working with Xerxes Positive Research in connection with Neptune's Net.

To Xerxes Positive Research Tank, specifically its Mendocino Laboratory, I leave Neptune’s Net. (poad.33,1)

Unknown. Neptune is the Roman god of the ocean, which may imply this artifact has magical powers connected with water or the sea. This item may or may not be connected with the Net of Dreams, an Earthdawn-era magical device woven by a great dragon.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Onyx Unicorn

Unknown. It is conjecture that this device is a small onyx carving of a unicorn.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this to an unknown group called the Daughters of the Circle; possibly an initatory group with a focus on unicorns. Whether or not they found the true owner is unknown.

To the Daughters of the Circle, I leave the Onyx Unicorn in the hope that they will find its true owner. If they fail to do so within a year of my death, ownership reverts to the Draco Foundation. (poad.31,2)

Unknown. Unicorns are symbols of purity; this item may be a focus that detects or neutralizes poison or impurities.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Or'zet Codex

An ancient book with metal pages, containing the same text in Sperethiel and Or'zet.

Maureen Williams bankrolled Page's deciphering of the text, with the help of the Draco Foundation. The language was quickly disseminated, whih was fortunate because Saito imprisoned most of the linguistic researchers and burned all hardcopies of their work. Robert Page and the original Codex have since dissapeared.

In Earthdawn times, there were two ork languages, Or'zat (ancient ork) and Or'zet (modern or traveller's ork); this tome would appear to contain the latter, though the author remains a mystery (most books with metallic pages appear to be Theran in origin).

To Robert Page, I leave my copy of an ancient text that proves elves are not the only race to possess a unique language. Take pride in your heritage and continue to promote the rights of your people, for the orks have always fought to rise above the position in which others would keep them. May this document aid your struggle up from below.(poad.32, 1)

Unknown. The Or'zet Codex may possess a protective or preservative enchantment.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, State of the Art: 2064
For more on Okrish, see: Denizens of Barsaive Volume Two, The Ork Nation of Cara Fahd, and State of the Art: 2064

The Orichalcum Key

The key is an ornate key of the mechanical type, about ten centimeters long and ornately designed so that the shaft and head of the key are carved to resemble a tree. The key is also made entirely out of orichalcum.

First seen during the 2057 election season, the Key was stolen from certain Tir Tairngire nobles by a group of shadowrunners hired by Dr. Nicholas Grace of the Illuminates of the New Dawn. Next, this key (or one very like it) was delivered in 2062 by Talon, who liberated it from a Dr. Grace.

First, the Key is basically indestructable. This focus acts as a Force 8 power focus for unbinding, unlocking and opening , and does not need any karma to bond.

Super Tuesday, Ragnarock

The Pale Orchid

Unknown, though presumably this is a very fine, pale orchid bloom.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed this to Amazonia in 2057; it may or may not be the same as the Glitterfrost Orchid once possessed by Icewing.

To the government of Amazonia, I leave the Pale Orchid and the Ashes of the Great Tree. Use them to help protect the world from itself, but do not forget the lessons of the past or assume that your wisdom is greater than Nature’s. (poad.30,3)

Unknown. If this bloom is the Glitterfrost Orchid, then the touch of a single petal can sunder any armor.

Portfolio fo a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Preah Khan

Unknown, though presumably this is an ancient sword.

The Preah Khan ("Holy Sword") is the magic sword symbol of the Khmer Kingdom; it was lost in 1971. The Nagas of Cambodia are searching for the Preah Khan, and Sophie de Rochefort claims to actually possess it, thoughthe nagas claim she does not.

Unknown. The Preah Khan is a symbol of strength and unity; it may be a weapon focus of some sort.

Shadows of Asia

Quicksilver's Deck

The exterior of the deck resembles a standard Fairlight Excalibur, but the interior of the deck is a kind of bio-computer or biological interface processor. All the components are unique and mirror the typical functions of a deck, but from a profoundly different and alien perspective.

In 2053, the mysterious elf named Quicksilver built this deck, investing parts of himself in four chips given to his friends, allies, and lover. Shortly afterwards, he was murdered. His spiritual essence lingered on in the chips, and when the chips were re-assembled with his deck and his imago, Quicksilver's spirit became incarnate again. Having survived death, Quicksilver chose to die again, to put to rest the spirit of his murdered lover who had become a ghost. The deck became inactive once QUicksilver had passed, and was kept by his lover's father, Transys Neuronet CEO MacDonald.

Quicksilver's unique deck design, which combined state-of-the-art technology, magic, and a radically different worldview, allowed him to save his soul or spirit as a type of program. It also allowed him to end this artificial existence to rejoin himself with his lady-love.


The Ring Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is a wyrm or serpent eating its own tail, a handy shape for a ring. It is thought that the Ring is meters in diameter, making it either a sculpture or possibly an actual draconic fashion accessory.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed this to Ryumyo in 2057; perhaps as a reminder to Ryumyo of the importance of balance.

To Ryumyo, the first of our kind to be seen in this modern age, I leave my envy at stealing my chance to be the very first dragon as well as the Ring Ouroboros, since it is the early bird who catches the wyrm. (poad.26,2)

If this ring has any magical properties, they likely involve the interplay of opposing forces (yin and yang) or balance. As such, it may have geomantic uses, or influence the wearer's/possessor's mentality.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons of the Sixth World

The Ring of Truth

Unknown. Presumably a ring of some kind, perhaps in an ancient elven or Gaelic style.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed this ring to Niall O'Connor in 2057, in recognition of Niall's file on Tír na nÓg.

To Niall O’Connor: I salute your devotion to spreading the truth and so I leave you the Ring of Truth. May it give you the voice of prophecy like the bards of old. (poad.29,2)

Unknown. Based on the description, this ring may enhance the powers of the Path of the Bard, or perhaps is a type of divination focus.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Shadows of Europe

The Roggoth'Shoth

An ancient, disturbing arcane tome with a malefic astral presence.

In an ancient time, the mage Penticlese wrote of an even elder time, of horrors and of the distant metaplanar Vault of Roggoth'shoth and Azzorloth, the Bridge Between Worlds. This tome was unearthed and used by Dr. Liron Phalen to combat the degenerative effects of an Awakened version of leprosy he and his wife had contrived. The Roggoth'shoth was destroyed by fire by a group of shamans later on in 2055-2056.

The book holds a variety of dark lore, specifically the means to access a distant metaplane known as the Vault of Roggoth'Shoth and bring forth insidious and malicious spirits, which can be used to infect the dying. The dying steal the essence of others and return it to their creator, who uses it for a variety of effects.

Who Hunts The Hunters?

The Rose Crystal

A pink crystal cut into the form of a rose blossom.

The Rose Crystal holds a special importance for the dragonkin Children of Alamaise, and somehow the artifact ended up on the isle of Thera during the Earthdawn era. When the Second Theran War loomed, Mountainshadow utilized a band of adepts to recover the Rose Crystal from the Therans, sneak into the Blood Wood, and exchange it for the Everliving Flower. This trade of artifacts is part of an ancient ritual familiar to both the elders of Thera and the Elven Court (possibly a type of chal'han). Alachia was sufficiently enraged that she committed troops to the Second Theran War.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Rose Crystal to Aithne Oakforest, perhaps as an apology for the Blood Wood, or the actions of the Great Dragons. How Dunkelzahn came into possession of it is unknown.

To Aithne Oakforest, I leave the Rose Crystal, in hopes of soothing old wounds and healing the rifts they have caused. (poad.25,3)

The Rose Crystal is a draconic memory gem, with information which is apparently significant to the immortal elves of the Elven Court of Wyrm Wood, and possibly to the Heavenherds of Thera as well.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Dragons PDF, The Book of Dragons (Revised and Expanded), Barsaive at War

The Seals of Tibet

The seals are small metal stamps roughly 6 centimeters tall and made of meteoric iron, similar to the seals used by monks in ancient Tibet to mark items with their official sigil. They are worn at the waist by a loop of dyed silk, each seal being identified by the color of the silk (the Seal of the Green Gloves has a green silk loop). The other four seals are the Seals of the Red, Blue, Yellow, and White Gloves; the five match the symbolic colors of Tibetan Buddhism, but appear to be from a time that predates Buddhism's foundation. (soa.216,1)

Around the time of the Awakening, four of the five Seals were discovered in a hidden cache believed to have been owned by the 5th Dalai Lama, though they appear to predate his time.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Seal of Green Gloves to Inazo Aneki, CEO of Renraku, in 2057, perhaps anticipating his coming need for it. Renraku used the Seal shortly afterwards to commit Aneki, who had suffered a great mental trauma by Deus, to the care of the Tibetan monks for a time.

In 2061, the death of the 15th Dalai Lama has caused the Tibetan monks to use the Seals to allow teams to pass through the Maya Cloud unhindered in search for the 16th Dalai Lama.

To Inazo Aneki of Renraku, I leave the Seal of the Green Gloves, which will permit you or your proxy to enter Tibet. Use your time there as you will, but do not abuse the privilege or you will suffer for your misdeeds. (poad.28,2)

Each seal is a Rating 5 Spell Defense Focus (p.45, MITS). In addition, each seal acts as a protective bubble from the effects of the Maya Cloud, even without bonding or activation. A sphere 8 meters in diamter from the seal is unaffected by Cloud effects, either physical or magical. (soa. 216,1)

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Brainscan, Shadows of Asia, Street Magic

The Sexton of Worlds

Unknown. Possibly an artifact shaped as a beetle.

Dunkelzahn offered this item to Aztechnology in his Will, perhaps as protection from whatever powers Aztlan dealt with. It is apparently still in the possession of the Draco Foundation.

To the Aztechnology corporation, I leave the Sexton of Worlds, with the provision that the corporation and the government of Aztlan ban the practice of blood magic in territories under their jurisdiction within a year of my death and submit to an outside investigation to verify this ban, the investigator to be designated by and answerable to the Draco Foundation. (poad.31,2)

A Sexton is usually an office of the Catholic Church, the holder of the keys and the watcher over graves and gravediggers. It has also been used to describe a type of beetle that burrows under and into the dead. In either case, an artifact with similiar attributes may aid Aztlan's morbid magics, or protect them from those entities they deal with.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Shroud of Shadows

The Shroud of Shadows is a square piece of cloth about three meters to a side. It's a sheer, filmy black material, as fine as silk, shot through with silvery threads that gleam in the light and hemmed all around with delicate silver stitches that form a border like twining vines with tiny flowers. (sur.105,2)

Dunkelzahn bequeathed this item to Aden in 2057. Aden does not care to have his temper diminished, however, and placed the artifact in a ruined mosque in Tehran. It later became a focus of the Rite of Succession in 2062.

To Aden, I leave the Shroud of Shadows. May its shade cool the heat of your desert home as well as the tempers that flare around it. (poad.25,2)

Anyone wrapped in the Shroud of Shadows gains the benefit of 12 points of hardened armor, both Ballistic and Impact. ... On the astral, the cloth radiates a sense of peace and serenity that reduces temporary background count associated with negative emotions by 1 point per minute until it is gone. It has the same effect on permanent background count, except that thebackground count is only suppressed. it returns to normal at the rate of 1 point per hour once the Shroud is removed. THis effect only takes place in an area the Shroud covers. The Shroud of Shadows soothes and calms negative emotions. ANyone touching the Shroud is affected as if by a Force 12 Control Emotions spell, making them feel nothing but peace and serenity, regardless of what they were deeling before. Among other things, this means it is extremely difficult for a holder of the Shroud to take any violent action. If the Shroud of Shadows is draped over a person possessed by a spirit (including a corpse possessed by a zombie or shedim spirit), the spirit must make an Opposed Force Test against the Shroud's Force of 12 or be immediately disrupted, driven back to the metaplanes. This test is required each round the possessed form is covered by the Shroud. If a wraith or blood spirit is covered with the Shroud, it must make an Opposed Force Test as above or be immediately destroyed. The test is required each round the spirit is covered by the Shroud, which is dual-natured and can affect the spirit even in astral form. A spirit can be covered with the Shroud by making an Opposed Unarmed Combat (4) Test against it and scoring 2 or more net successes. Finally, any creature or object covered in the Shroud of Shadows increases the target numbers of all attempts to locate it magically (using detection spells, ritual sorcery, the Search power of a spirit, etc.) by +12. This property extends to the Shroud itself, makling it very difficult to locate or track using magic. (sur.105,2)

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Survival of the Fittest

The Silver Songbird

The Songbird is a life-sized bird made entirely out of finely wrought silver, with mechanical moving parts and extraordinary detail, down to the individual feathers. It has tiny blue sapphires for eyes. It's capable of flight like a normal bird (moving around 12 meters per Combat Turn). It has a Body Rating of 2, being made from metal, but fairly delicate. It normally sits inside a beautiful hanging cage of silver wire and filigree. The Songbird (but not its cage) has a definate aura of magic about it.(sur.85,2)

Dunkelzahn bequeathed Rhonabwy the Silver Songbird in 2057, it became an item of contention in the 2062 Rite of Succession.

To Rhonabwy, I leave the Silver Songbird. A poor reflection of that most beautiful of voices, but still a feast for the appreciative ear. (poad.30,3)

On command, the Songbird sings a beautiful, sweet melody. It is apparently immune to any magical attempt to damage it. As far as can be determined, the Silver Songbird has no attachment to Thayla.

Portfolio of the Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Survival of the Fittest

The Spear of Destiny

A bronze blade, such as may be fitted to make a spear.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed an ancient bronze blade he dubbed "The Spear of Destiny." It should be pointed out that the Spear of Longinius, the Roman who pierced the side of Christ, was also known as the Spear of Destiny. That relic was coveted by certain Hitler, who believed that any army that possessed the Spear was invincible.

To Darius Vemizelos, curator, and Scholar Zaimis Kaphandaris of the Crete Occult Museum, I leave steel box number 212, which contains the ancient bronze blade that I have dubbed The Spear of Destiny. Whether or not that name applies is for them to prove. Or disprove. Personally, I have never quite had the time to find out. (poad.27,2)

Unknown. It is likely that the blade is at least a weapon focus of some potency.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Talon Clippings

Talon clippings are essentially draconic fingernail and toenail clippings, trimmed to prevent overgrowth, keep them sharp or for other reasons.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed a number of talon clippings to various groups and individuals. Likely, he chose to keep the clippings as they were ritual links to him, and chose to give them out upon his death because they no longer posed a threat. The dispostion of the talon clippings to the Head Houngan is still a matter of debate.

To the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings. (poad.27,1)

To the current head houngan of the Caribbean League, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings. (poad.31,2)

To the Sisterhood of Ariadne, I leave one year’s worth of talon clippings. (poad.33,1)

Every part of a dragon's body is magical, and can be used as virgin telesma when seperated from it (however, it can still be used as a ritual link back to the Dragon in question.) A year's worth of talon clippings are worth approximately 36 million nuyen.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Cyberpirates!, Dragons of the Sixth World

The Tapestry of Fate

It's this big thing covered with abstract geometric designs, kind of Arabian- or maybe Celtic-looking, that make your eyes hurt if you look at it too long. It reminds me of those 3D fractals and "pop out" pictures that show up when you stare at something else. Word has it that President Haeffner likes to sit and stare at the tapestry when he needs to be alone and think. (poad.42,1)

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this item to the UCAS government, it hangs in the White House were President Haeffner likes to stare at it..

To the government of the United Canadian and American States, I leave the Tapestry of Fate, to hang in the home of the President as a reminder of Fate’s power to change our lives. (poad.32,2)

Unknown. It is possible the Tapestry influences those who look at it in some way.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Teachdaire's Ring

This is a 4,000-year old Celtic-style ring.

The enigmatic assassin Teachdaire has, in addition to his other benefits, this magical device which he picked up somewhere.

This ring-shaped-focus may be bonded for 24 karma. Once per Combat Turn, the bonder can take a Complex action, stare at anybody within 20 meters, and if the target does not make at least 3 successes in an opposed Willpower test, then the target compeltely forgets ever meeting the bonder, and can't detect the bonder by any means. This effect lasts for one encounter, and is negated if the bonder does anything violent to the person the bonder hypnotised.

Prime Runners

The Tome of Terrin

The Tome of Terrin is a book, although the exact dimensions and format of the text are unknown.

An Italian military manual similar in nature to Sun Tzu's Art of War.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this tome to Yee Chan, master of the Golden Acorn Society, a group of ork physads in San Francisco. Yee Chan has been in seculsuion as he attempts to unlock the Tome's secrets and train his top initiates in those techniques.

To Yee Chan, I leave the Tome of Terrin. (poad.27,3)

The Tome of Terrin details secret martial arts techniques, the exact nature of which is unclear.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Loose Alliances

The Torc of Rhiannon

A torc is an unclosed circlet, often worn about the arm, neck or head. It is likely the torc of Rhiannon follows this mode, and possesses a Celtic appearence.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this item to Lughe Surehand. It is assumed the item refers to the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, though it may also have some connection to Rhiannon Glendower, Duchess of Snowdonia.

To Lugh Surehand, I leave the Torc of Rhiannon. May you wear it in good health and your land prosper thereby. (poad.31,2)


Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

The Tradeus Manual

Unknown, presumed to be a book of some sort.

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed this item to Jill Taylor, if she could find it.

To Jill Taylor, I leave the Tradeus Manual—if you can find it. Start in Canal Park. (poad.28,3)

Unknown, but presumed to contain magical lore.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

Uluru Opals

These appear to be opals of various sizes, some as large as a human fist. The most powerful stone measured 8 centimeters, and it looked like a great fire burned in its heart.

In 2050, the shadowrunner Twist penetrated the Spirit Caves of Uluru and made off with a single massive capstone - unfortunate, because the opal had held captive the Spider Totem. His guide Harrier made off with several smaller opals, but no one else is known to have penetrated this sanctum.

The opal capstones in the Spirit Caves of Uluru serve to imprison a number of spirits; removing the opal frees the spirit. Magicians may bond and use opals as Power Foci without any additional enchantment; the largest opals are Force 6 or higher.

Target: Awakened Lands, Secrets of Power Volume Three: Find Your Own Truth

The Utsuro Sapphire

This sapphire appears to be hollow, but is otherwise flawless.

During the 2062 Rite of Succession, Masaru took this gem, an heirloom of the Okitsu clan, from under Ryumyo's snout.

The Utsuro Sapphire is a draconic memory crystal.

The Family Jewel

The Vault of Souls

This appears to be a large gem with a ball of orichalcum nestled within it.

This mysterious and apparently powerful focus was used by a mage possessed by a malign spirit, and recovered by an inquisitive cat shaman after that mage died.

Unknown. It has been suggested that the Vault of Souls may actually be a container for the spirits of certain deceased beings, or some sort of power focus.

Striper Assassin

The Weeping Stone of Ta'bel

Also known as "The Sapphire of Elzx'toka Vektamana," the Weeping Stone of Ta'bel is a non-faceted, smooth, dark blue stone about the diameter of a human thumbnail. It smells like and occaisonally weeps salt water.

Back in the Earthdawn era, a Horror named Ta'bel did the impossible and shed a tear, which became the basis for a magical gem. In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Weeping Stone of Ta'bel to Robert Khamdeng (probably Dr. Robert 'Bob' Khamdeng).

To Robert Khamdeng, I leave the Weeping Stone of Ta’bel and the optical chip labeled "BK-924" found in the second drawer of my writing desk at my residence in Toronto. (poad.26,3)

The Stone possesses powers that augment the bonded individual's defenses against illusions and negative social interactions(such as interrogation), it also improves the bonder's empathy and at highest levels can break cases of possession and mental domination, as well as forge permanent magical bonds between two lovers.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will, Shadis #42


This dagger appears to be made out of ivory and inset with jewels.

Dunkelzahn bequeathed this dagger to Carla Brooks in 2057. Given the name and appearence, it is likely that this weapon was actually forged from a dragon's tooth, though it does not exactly match either of the two such Earthdawn-era magical weapons of a similiar nature.

To Carla Brooks, my skilled security advisor and aide, I leave the dagger Wyrmstooth along with the sum of 5 million nuyen. I hope you will continue to serve my estate as well as you served me. (poad.27,2)

The dagger Wyrsmtooth is likely a weapon focus, which may possess other properties such as the ability to deliver an attack of deadly dragon venom.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Will

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