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Shadowrun Fragments And Short Fiction

Hi, I'm Bobby Derie and as of this writing I'm a promoted fanboy for Shadowrun. This page collects some of my unpublished Shadowrun short fiction, and pieces of former projects that were never published (usually with good reason). Thanks for reading!


A story about the Children's Crusade, the plot arc concerning otaku that ran between Threats 2 and System Failure.

Happy Trails

All the imagery and mythical hightones of the Winternight plot caught up with me when I wrote Happy Trails. After all, there was FastJack and his JackHammer, a Nordic setting, and one mother of a wyrm...

The Last Liferock

This is more-or-less my idea of how a Shadowrun/Earthdawn crossover tale should be.

The Wake

I honestly thought I'd lost this. I wrote it shortly after System Failure finished writing - I'd helped Lars polish Captain Chaos' death scene, and I really needed some sort of closure. This was right before I wrote Happy Trails, and I never really finished it, and thought it gone in one of my laptop deaths, but here it is tucked away on a CD...well, for what it's worth here it is.

No Man's Land

This short story was intended for a plotline that sort of fizzled in the planning stages. It ties together some lingering plot threads from older products; some might remember Zessler from the novel Black Madonna and the much bemoaned Prime Runners; Ambrose is from Things To Come and there are a couple of references to recent developments in Shadows of Europe. Zessler, as a Spike Baby, is fairly unique in the Sixth World. An elf that's showing their age is near the end of their natural lifespan, and the idea of how that would effect him appealed to me.


Not every idea makes it into a sourcebook. Back when we were working on Emergence, most of us didn't have any stats for technomancers at all, and AI stats weren't even sketched out yet. Anyway, this is something that I originally wrote for the last chapter of Emergence, but which I cut for space. You'll maybe recognize Ambrose from Things To Come, while Brightlight of course is from the Aztlan sourcebook.

Off The Grid

this was a very late add-on to Neo-Tokyo for Corporate Enclaves when it looked like we'd be a page or page-and-a-half short. As it was, it turned out we didn't need it. The fact that some of the content is a touch more graphic than Shadowrun usually deals with...well, that may have had a part too. Still, since some of you have shown interest, I've gotten permission to post the text of it here for those that want to see it.


The raw, unfiltered Shadowrun-related notes I doodle on scraps of paper. They are written in crummy ballpoint on crummy paper and scanned grayscale in a deliberate attempt to make you go blind (well, mostly, there's some typewitten pages too). They cover a wide range of topics, from short stories that didn't make it, the original draft of Happy Trails, notes before writing Neo-Tokyo, an essay on the secret history of SoLA, and lots and lots of bad doodles.

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