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Maps around the world
Maps of the world and its particular regions by 2070ies.
By lokii.
World map: for modification (copy), rotating (copy). Blank Mercator (copy), Mollweide (copy), Platt (copy), Robinson (copy).

Business Recognition Accords Signers: signers in blue, non-signers in red, status unknown in gray (copy).
Population density (copy).
Sixth World Almanac Coverage (copy).

Interactive Map of the AGS (German original).
Interactive Map of Austria (German original).
List of UCAS states, local copy.
NEEC in 2073, local copy.
Map of Africa, local copy.

Aztlan-Amazonian border region: map (copy), relief (copy), sat image (copy), border correction according to the Aztlan sourcebook (copy).

Historical maps
Maps of the Sixth World at different moments of its history.
By lokii.
Differences between the borders today and in 2072, local copy.
Differences between the borders according to the Sixth World Almanac and other books, local copy.

North America history animated, local copy.
Central America history animated, local copy.
South America history animated, local copy.

South German League in 2038 and 2044, local copy.

EuroWars I, local copy.
EuroWars II, local copy.

Maps in German
Maps of the Sixth World and its different regions labeled in German.
By lokii.
Awakened World, local copy.
NEEC in 2063, local copy.
SOX Toxic Zone, local copy.
The flight of Feuerschwinge in 2012, supposed route according to the news local copy.

Region overview maps: wiki category, where each map's legend can be found, local copies.
Blank maps of individual countries, local copy.

Shadowrun Squad Manager
NPC manager, maps, mook generation and more.
By Ralf Stauder.
English site, local copy.