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  • 15.11.2012: Plugins! After quite some time another update, and this time one of which I hope it will help the advancement of Squad Manager even if I'm not currently doing anything about it. The first version of a plugin system is implemented, so from now on everyone who wants to extend Squad Manager can do so by writing plugins in C# (assuming you have Visual Studio 2010 or higher at hand). The SDK including an example are available for download at the bottom and the example plugin si of course also available for immediate use. I can't wait to see your great new ideas! :D

  • 16.08.2012: After the incredibly exciting Kickstarter campaign of Shadowrun Online I found the time again to work on my own tool, and I focused on the networking a little more. I hope it's in a stable state by now and wish you a lot of fun using Squad Manager now online, too.
  • 06/19/2012: More updates! More features! More NPCs! :D A new version is out now. This time not only the loading mechanism was refurbished (finally), improving program startup time on a side note, there is also the long-promised NPC-generator. You need a group of gangers? A SWAT-team including driver and team mage? Or are your players moving towards some place, they shouldn't go, and you need some resistance fast? That should be possible now with just a few clicks. I'm awaiting your feedback. :)
    Plus, there's even a setup completely in English!
  • 03/20/2012: Unfortunately no new update yet, but a small warning. I noticed that I made a mistake while adjusting the installer of the last version, so that half of the requirements won't get installed with the rest of the program. I will fix this for the next update, but in the meantime you'd have to manually download and install the VC++ Runtime if you can't start the freshly installed Squad Manager.
  • 01/28/2012: Another small update. Several bugs were corrected (including a problem with the player view), but there are also two new features. On one hand, the formerly hidden, experimental network mode is now freely accessible (though you should still be careful with it). On the other hand, now you can even open and close the doors, you could enter in the map data, to let your PCs see through them. Have fun with it!
  • 01/15/2012: Since the Squad Manager is (more or less) translated now, I might as well start an English version of this page, too! :) Most links will probably be German for some time, but it's a start. So if you're new to my tool, let me welcome you on my page!
    There's also a Feedback Forum available, where you can vote for ideas or contribute new ideas. So far, this is only in German, too, but it will be one of the many things, that will follow in translations.



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To install a plugin, the downloaded DLL file has to be included once through the menu "File -> import plugin..." in Squad Manager. From then on the plugin will be available every time the program starts. If you wrote a plugin feel free to send me either the plugin itself or a link to your site, so I can set up a link to your plugin.

  • Perception Tests by Ralf Stauder - the example plugin from the SDK; allows for fast and hidden perception tests for all loaded (N)PCs with a single click