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Well, there's always something that cannot be placed or categorized in some meaningful way, so all those things I have here (and everything you'll want to contribute) will be placed in this space. As always, enjoy!

The Collector

Story Time With Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike, aka Mike Mulvihill, likes to sit, along with his kids, around the fire and tell a story. Every now and then, the Archive Kid is present at story time and he quickly post here what he hears. (Apr 20th, 2000 )

The Archive Bookstore

Welcome to a new feature of the Shadowrun Archive. Now you can buy online all Shadowrun books available from Amazon.com directly from the confortable warmth of your favorite Shadowrun pillow (ouch). (May 2nd, 1999 )

The Cybernetic Rogues

Play By Email is a variant of table top role playing which includes various gaming genres and styles of play. How does it work? (Feb 10th, 1998 )

Timeline Explorer

Using this tool, you can gather all kind of info about the Shadowrun world and history. Select either a year or a topic of interest and the Explorer will search into the John Maniha timeline database to produce an output based on your request. (Feb 10th, 1998 )

VR2 Online Host Generator

This program generates hosts for the Matrix 2.0 system in the Shadowrun role-playing game. It uses the tables and rules found in Virtual Realities 2.0, p. 31 and pp. 62-64 to generate a random host with user-assigned Security Code and difficulty. (Feb 10th, 1998 )

The history of the Archive

After five years of life, I felt the need to recap a bit the history of the Archive. Page in perpetual construction, as more things comes back from the depth of my memory and new cute images are incorporated... (May 2nd, 1999 )

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