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The Shadowrun Archive hosts a number of (more or less) regular columns regarding various aspect of Shadowrun gaming. It all started in early 1996, and now they form a major part of the Archive, one of the most visited. I hope in the future to host more voices on more aspects of the game, so keep tuned on this page for a list of the regular contributors. Oh yes, thanks to everyone again for their work here :)

Blackjack's Corner
Dealing with roleplaying issues both general and Shadowrun specific, Blackjack's Corner is first-aid for the frustrated GM.
Nightlife's Den
This is the spot to find out the up's and downs of gaming. If you want the cold hard facts of gaming with a no holds barred approach explaining the reality of role-playing this is "THE PLACE" to get it.
From the Jury's Bench
Semi-coherent ramblings about whatever I feel like rambling about.  Focusing on Shadowrun on the internet and general Gamemastering items.
The Graveyard
A toolbox for the Shadowrun Gamemaster. The Graveyard is dedicated to helping both new and experienced GM's in fleshing out their campaign.
The C.L.U.E. Foundation
The C.L.U.E. (Clueless Legions Unearthed and Exposed) CaseFiles disclose rampant examples of clueless (and hilarious) activities in the Shadows.
An in-character look at running from the runners perspective. Little Black Book, a new contact every week.
Serious Mojo
The Magic of GMing...Serious Mojo is here to give ideas and specific techniques to help GMs of various skill levels perfect their craft.

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