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*Karen thinks we all need to get a new CLUE.
Adam (February 23rd, 2003 )
*Having problems acessing The Archive? We are too, and we haven't tracked them down yet. If you can't seem to reach parts of The Archive, please just hit Reload in your web browser.
Adam (March 2nd, 2002 )
*No comment. I know. At least Lightfinger is back with Argh! Or How NOT to Promise the World...
The Collector (October 17th, 2001 )
*Ode To The Three Ring Binder. You won't believe where this comes from :)
The Collector (July 10th, 2001 )
*Well, we're not dead yet, and so is Karen too.
The Collector (July 2nd, 2001 )
*Easy come... read this primer from Malik. And don't forget to check the Little Black Book, with its new entry, Marcel Black.
The Collector (June 5th, 2001 )
*After quite a while, Nightlife is back with not one, but two installments. (well, it's just one, but it has a secret bonus inside)
The Collector (April 17th, 2001 )
*We have some updates from Malik! Go read the second part of Trace and Burn and two brand new entries in his little black book, Strings and Eric Salley.
The Collector (April 15th, 2001 )
*It's a sad and happy day.
The Collector (March 1st, 2001 )
*It's always my fault when the latest CLUE Casefile fails to appear in the first week of the month. I know. I'm Paolo. I'm disgusting.
The Collector (February 12th, 2001 )
*Out! Out Brief Candle!! (?!?!?!?)
The Collector (January 8th, 2001 )
*Yes, yes, there are monoliths in Seattle.
The Collector (January 7th, 2001 )
*Precise like a sophisticated piece of swiss craftsmanship (a perfectly aged slice of Emmenthal, what were you thinking? :), Karen enlighten us about the perils of vehicles, speed and invisible trees in the latest CLUE Casefile!
The Collector (December 3rd, 2000 )
*Malik decided to revise a bit his last work, Trace and Burn. Take a new look at it, and while you're there, check One Knight, the new entry in the Little Black Book.
The Collector (November 12th, 2000 )
*Last month's episode wasn't stealthy at all! Lots of people had lots of laughs, so many, in fact, that we felt a bit responsible for the raising noise level in the western world. As I said, not stealthy at all. Oh well, let's see what this month episode can do, but I don't have many hopes about lowering the noise level...
The Collector (November 3rd, 2000 )
*The database problems are a bit more deep-rooted than I expected. We're looking into solutions, and in the meantime I've re-imported some but not all of the users into the database. Some long-standing bugs have made this process rather frustrating. I've written a new Jury's Bench about the last few days and why there's a few things missing from the Archive.
Adam Jury (October 23rd, 2000 )
*If you're noticing some problems with the Archive, it's because yours truly had a little accident with part of the database, and I'm way too tired to restore it all tonight. So I'll get to it tommorrow (Sunday) evening, and until then, please hang tight. The only feature that seems to be effected is obtaining a list of all the articles by an individual author, so it's nothing too major for now.
Adam Jury (October 21st, 2000 )
*As part of the new reorganization of the Archive (And if you're wondering "What reorganization?", Read This) I've gone through and deleted as many of the dead links as possible - nearly 200 of the damned things. I probably missed a few, but rest assured that you'll now have a much better chance of finding live links in the Archive now!
Adam Jury (October 21st, 2000 )
*Believe it or not, Karen isn't the only columnist we have here. Look what the cat dragged in...
Adam Jury (October 19th, 2000 )
*September passed without events... almost. In the aftermath, I promptly forgot to add the new fine article from the super-precise Karen! Now go read all about The Clueless And Stealth.
The Collector (October 10th, 2000 )
*Don't even talk to me about updates. Anyways, here's one, from the lovely Karen, and more are on the way. RSN, really.
The Collector (September 2nd, 2000 )
*I know, updates are rare, but it's not all my fault :) Since a couple of days, I've finally reached the status of landed immigrant in my new country (that's Canuckland, for the uninformed) and much time was devoted towards that goal. Add to that a couple of pressing jobs and my new house, and you'll understand why... On the Ocean, the Mighty Ocean, the Clueless Sleep Tonight… (ok, totally off topic, but it was fun, eh? Now, where's my bacon?)
The Collector (August 2nd, 2000 )
*July. Fireworks here and there (Canada and the US). If you can avoid being burned to a smoking cinder, there's always time to read the latest CLUE Casefile! And we're all looking forward to meet Karen at Gencon, where she'll receive the supersecret award.
The Collector (July 5th, 2000 )
*We've moved! Welcome to our new home at Dumpshock.com!
The Collector (June 20th, 2000 )
*Both Karen and Malik used sagely their keyboard this month, so we can have the pleasure to read Mucho Ado About Nothing (in the CLUE casefiles), Trace & Burn: Part I (in Conversations) and Logan (in The Little Black Book). Enjoy :)
The Collector (June 4th, 2000 )
*Yeah, it's been a while I know... anyways, want more critter fun? Go check the latest CLUE Casefile
The Collector (May 24th, 2000 )
*We have a new, unperiodic, columnist. It's the Man himself! Go sit around the fireplace and listen to story time with uncle Mike. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions for Uncle Mike, just send them to me and they will be posted in the Poll section (yes, we have one) for public voting. The top five questions will be sent to Uncle Mike and we'll have another evening around the fireplace.
The Collector (April 25th, 2000 )
*The second part of the Scene of the Crime series by Q is online. Check it out!
The Collector (April 20th, 2000 )
*After more than a year, Q is back. Go read the Scene of the crime, part 1 and remember not to touch anything!
The Collector (April 8th, 2000 )
*Ok, only 26 events need to be quoted. I guess this is as close as we can get, but feel free to prove me wrong :)
The Collector (April 3rd, 2000 )
*Screw You Guys, I'm Goin' Home!. Right on time, right on schedule... here Karen is suffering again.
The Collector (April 3rd, 2000 )
*Are You Questioning Mah Authoritah? is part 1 of a series in the CLUE casefiles. (Advice to the gentle reader: if you don't recognize yourself into the PCs here, then I have to question your honesty. Honest :) )
The Collector (March 2nd, 2000 )
The Collector (February 22nd, 2000 )
*Down to 35! See if you can help!
The Collector (February 21st, 2000 )
*Guess what? Two new columns in the Archive! A brand new (ahem) casefile from Karen and The Return of Controversy, a brand spanking new article in the Graveyard (can you believe it? :) )
The Collector (February 15th, 2000 )
*I noticed that a lot of new submissions are coming in without either the name or the email address of the author. Those fields are mandatory to fill in if you want your submission to be approved :)
The Collector (February 11th, 2000 )
*We're getting there! Only 66 to go!
The Collector (January 29th, 2000 )
*Well, the Timeline Maintenance Time initiative is a success. We're gone from 200 events without a known source down to 69 or so. Just a little more effort and we're done! The new Timeline Explorer will provide a list of all the contributors to this initiative, will let you select which sources to exclude from your searches and even provide some export formats for downloading your query results to handhelds or WAP-enabled cellphones (as if!)
The Collector (January 27th, 2000 )
*The Shadowrun Timeline Explorer is a nice tool, but it is as useful as the data you can pull out of it. There are good news: John Maniha and I are in the final stages of restructuring the database diagrams in order to provide you with a source for EVERY event in the list (more than 2,200 at the moment). So you'll know exactly where every event was referred from and you can happily ignore them in your campaign if they are in "non canon" books. Unfortunately, some events are still not categorized, so here's a challenge for you all. Go to the Timeline Maintenance Time page and help us find out where those events are pulled out from. Your name will appear for eternity in the Timeline Explorer page :) Have fun!
The Collector (January 11th, 2000 )
*At the dawn of the new millennium, scientific reports indicate that the amount of cluelessness generally available is not increasing nor decreasing. Proof of that, the new casefile from Karen. PS: the date is a fake. I just wanted to see how many of you started screaming before getting to this little note :)
The Collector (January 3rd, 1900 )
*Just one day to the end of the world as we know it. But the Shadowrun Archive and his busy minions are here with another idea for you. Go to the Questions Corner and select the best question to send to Mike Mulvihill! Complete story to follow...
The Collector (December 30th, 1999 )
*Mr. Runningwolf send me this beautiful Christmas present. But I'm very polite, so I'm gonna share it with you all. The entry in the Little Black Book is secret, tho...
The Collector (December 24th, 1999 )
*Merry whatever, gentle reader. To actually improve our reading skills, our Collector decided to post a new section in the Archive Bookstore, with selected titles, carefully chosen for their excellence and mind-numbingness
Uncle Paolo (December 21st, 1999 )
*Twelve new submissions. Remember that the New Submissions page shows only the last eight, so you'll want to check the more complete submissions page (uh?)
The Collector (December 15th, 1999 )
*Karen's at it again. In flames.
The Collector (December 12th, 1999 )
Man & Machine: Cyberware
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The Collector (November 26th, 1999 )
*New intro for Karen's C.L.U.E. Files. Go and read. Mucho important.
The Collector (November 24th, 1999 )
*When there is a part 2, there also have to be a part 1. Or not? Check Conversations, Malik's column for the answer and a portrait of the elusive Professor M. (Elusive?)
The Collector (November 24th, 1999 )
*Now that Man & Machine is out, check the new and improved Archive Bookstore, where you can buy all your Shadowrun books directly from the comfortable numbness of the insidious blue background. (Yes, I'm seeing a psychiatrist tomorrow)
The Collector (November 24th, 1999 )
*A month is passed. The weather has gone cold. Birds flew south. And Blackjack is here again, introducing us to Mr. Information
The Collector (November 3rd, 1999 )
*Halloween is past, but not the horror stories about players... Keep the GM-doctor away, and have a Grapple a Day!
The Collector (November 1st, 1999 )
*PC2: "Sir, I would like a muffin."
GM: "ummm wha-wha-what tttype?’
PC2: "Poppyseed."

If Karen could have a penny for every clueless players in her games...

The Collector (October 9th, 1999 )
*Brace yourself. Sit down. Comfortable? Now read the brand spanking new Blackjack's Corner article!
The Collector (October 2nd, 1999 )
*Travelling her way across the continent, our hero finally discovers that cluelessness is not a Canadian only feature.
The Collector (September 7th, 1999 )

We're getting close!

Check the progress of the Shadowrun 3rd edition Character Generator

The Collector (August 30th, 1999 )
*Deep Resonance Forums
'Nuff said...
The Collector (August 19th, 1999 )
*More stuff from Malik! (yeah, it's Exclamation Point Day!) Go check Out Of The Shadows and Racer X!
The Collector (August 19th, 1999 )
*Maybe summer letargy has finished (or maybe my GenCon not-so-subtle hints worked...) but he's here again! Check out the new, controversial and grammatically correct installment of Nightlife.
The Collector (August 15th, 1999 )
*The Case Of The Mysterious Missing Clue. 'nuff said.
The Collector (August 11th, 1999 )
*Could you believe this? After more than a year, our Karen is back with more cluelesness... Check what the Department of Motor Vehicles have to say to you, humble reader...
The Collector (July 31st, 1999 )
*The Little Black Book thickens! (no, not chickens) Two new contacts are available for you at the Conversations column.
The Collector (July 6th, 1999 )
*A teaser? Yep! Start to dig into the Crime Scene, right from Conversations.
The Collector (June 29th, 1999 )
*Malik is back! Go look at his latest unauthorized conversation.
The Collector (June 19th, 1999 )
*Well, if you just want a cheap laugh, go check the history of the Archive...
The Collector (May 3rd, 1999 )
*I'm back from the North. Amazingly enough, it was warmer than Victoria, BC... but anyways, let's get to the news of the day. Two new coffins full of stuff have been introduced in the Graveyard. Learn The Art Of NPCs and prepare yourself for Star Wars: Episode XXVII - The Shadowrunning Menace
The Collector (May 2nd, 1999 )
Dvixen (April 18th, 1999 )
*I'm leaving for the beautiful Thompson, Manitoba for some days. The Archive is now in the little evil hands of Dvixen. Then don't whine and tell me I didn't warn you...
The Collector (April 18th, 1999 )
*Let's kick up a notch the rant factor with Lightfinger and What is Shadowrun? Then take a well deserved vacation... Leavin' On A Jet Plane. In the Graveyard.
The Collector (April 16th, 1999 )
*New caretaker at the Graveyard. Mr. David West step in to guide the undead brigade into a new burst of articles and plots. We all wish to the previous caretaker, Mr. Digger, best luck and some happy returns on this very website. Make sure to go and check the new additions, Interstate Blues and Why I Switched to Shadowrun 3rd Edition.
The Collector (April 10th, 1999 )
*It's been a long time since my last newsbit, but real life has intruded in a serious way. Finally I'm starting to settle in this new country (that's Canada) and I'm slowly start to getting some spare time again to work on the Archive. Proof to this, a revised version of Changing Gears and a brand new article on the Nightlife's Den. Bring your can of RAID...
The Collector (March 21st, 1999 )
*Here we are again, with the new weekly article in Serious Mojo. "Hey, mr. Q, I have a simple question..."
The Collector (February 27th, 1999 )
*Rap & Roleplaying Part II, and this time we know what Q's talking about...
The Collector (February 15th, 1999 )
*Quick week for Mr. Q. Here's the first part of a new installment, Rap & Roleplaying (?!?!?)
The Collector (February 8th, 1999 )
*Mix 'n' Match is the first article in a brand new column hosted on The Shadowrun Archive. The column's host is Q. No, not that Q.
The Collector (February 4th, 1999 )
*Nightlife's den has been updated.
Adam Jury (Febuary 4th, 1999 )
*Continuing the trend of actually posting some of the columns I recieve, here's Hutch, from Malik's Little Black Book
Adam Jury (January 24th, 1999 )
*After a long hiatus, it's time for you all to go and get your weekly does of a CLUE.
Adam Jury (January 21st, 1999 )
*Ohmygodohmygodohmygod... I'm falling prey of Apathy!
The Collector (January 20, 1999 )
*Amazing! A new Blackjack Corner's article!
The Collector (January 11, 1999 )
*Since the esteemed Collector has managed to somehow delete my notification of it from both the news and the submissions page, here it is again:

At the moment, submissions that are to be hosted on the Shadowrun Archive are not being taken. In the near future, a new method will be used to upload submissions. Please do not email submissions to any of the Archive or Deep Resonance staff. Submissions that merely add a link to an External article are still more than welcome.

Adam J (January 10, 1999 )
*You've heard his name. You've almost certainly used resources that he's been a part of. Now, you can play Shadowrun with him! (That is, if you live in the Northern Virginia or Washington DC area). If you have openings in a game, email Mark Imbriaco!
The Collector (December 26, 1998 )
*Whoa! 28 new submissions today! Check them all out here!
The Collector (December 11, 1998 )
*Ok, now it's fixed. To all of you who submitted something since the new opening of the Archive, please resubmit your work again. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
The Collector (December 7, 1998 )
*Whoops! Just a quick and transient problem that should be fixed in a couple of hours. Basically you have access to all the Shadowrun Archive, except for the Archive itself... :) Sorry again, the situation will be ok ASAP.

BTW, don't try to contribute anything, the database will be recreated soon with all the latest data, but not with the one inserted during this glitch.

The Collector (December 6, 1998 )
*Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It's with an outwordly pleasure that I'm happy to announce the return of the Shadowrun Archive.

We've been busy the whole month of september, working on every detail of this fine collection of Shadowrun sites and I have to say I'm proud of our accomplishment.

My assignment in this quite monumental job was in recreating the Archive, a thing I can consider quite well done, implementing new technologies that will make your favourite site (shhh, don't tell this to the rest of the Deep Resonance crew...) even better than before. But we have a life, besides wild rumors, so this early version of the Shadowrun Archive is shipping without tapping the full potential of our new server. Be sure that new and improved features will appear here shortly and, in the meanwhile, enjoy what we have provided so far.

Happy browsing!

The Collector (December 4, 1998 )

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