The Ancient Files

Echoes of the Crashby Ancient History
Ghosts in the machine.  Children of the Matrix.  Intelligences on the Net.
The beginnings and the future of power in the Matrix.  It's all here...

What has gone before...
  In 2016, Ares bought NASA.  The only reason this is important is because the old NASA
mainframes were named as one of the possible originating systems for the Crash Virus.
     Ancient History
  Your mothers should have taught you this.  It began in 2018, when Dr. Hosato Hikita created
ASIST (Artificial Sensory Induction System) while working for ESP Systems in Chicago.  Dr.
Hikita used the research of the then-young Dr. Halberstam, who was mapping the brain's thought
processes  in order to create an AI, while also working at ESP Systems.  Hikita had moral
objections to AI, but used Halberstam's research to interface the human brain with technology.
This was the birth of Simsense.

  A few years later, from 2026-9, Fuchi Industrial Electronics (rememeber them?), RCA-Unisys
and Sony Cybersystems each developed the first cyberterminals.  These room-sized with sensory
deprivation chambers and multi-point jacks drove the first volunteers mad.  Not that this stopped
anyone.  This was the Government and the Corps funding these things after all.

    Acquisition Technologies was a comptech corp controlled by Thomas Roxburough, and employing
such future luminaries as David Gavilan and Lucien Cross.  Roxy wanted to take over a company
called Gossamer Threads, which was owned in part by Dunkelzahn.  To take it over, Roxy used his
hackers and programmers to create a nasty virus...possibly because Dunkelzahn may also have had a
nasty precursor virus on his computer (either that, or a precursor to Gray IC).

     Echo Mirage and the Crash of '29
    In 2028, the US government's CIA, NSA and IRS pooled their resources to exploit the incredible
intrusive capabilities of the cyberterminal.  This team of "Cyber-commandos" was called Echo Mirage.
The cyberterminals caused a great deal of psychological stress on the users, so a positive psychotropic
conditioning program was developed to help the deckers: Psychotrope.

   On February 8th, 2029, a killer virus spread and shattered the grid, erasing data and physically
destroying systems.  By presidential order, Echo Mirage immediately swept into action, and was
squished because they were linear-thinking  government drones.

   The CCC, which later became Die Shockwellenrieter, was also involved.  They may have fought the
virus, and died; or gotten too close to the Virus' source, and died.  In any case, many of them...died.

   Therefore, the best maverick programmers from industry and university were quickly recruited,
(not the late CCC members, but, Hell, most of those were dead) and rammed through a brutal training
program.  Thirty-two made it through the training with sanity intact.

  In August of 2029, armed with new cybertech, Echo Mirage launched a coordinated attack on the
Crash Virus, using an anti-virus whose code verged on being a semiautonomous knowbot.
18 minutes into the conflict, four members of Echo Mirage were dead.  Computer logs showed two facts:
   1) The Virus could induce lethal biofeedback in humans accessing the matrix.
   2) No computer security yet imagined could even slow down a cyberterminal user.

  Echo Mirage came back with improved combat proggies and desk-sized cyberterminals that didn't
need a sensory deprivation tank, and began purging the Grid of infection.

  Horrified at the possibilities of cyberterminal users penetrating their systems, the corps spent wildly to improve
their security software...including programs that mimicked the virus bu inducing lethal biofeedback (Black Ice).
Fuchi developed the first experimental Black Ice program, Dragon Flame, in 2030.

  Late in 2031, Echo Mirage wiped out the last known concentration of the virus code; with the aid of the anti-virus.
So effective was the antivirus, that during the last six months of the campaign, the casualty rate had dropped
off completely.  Despite this, twenty-five members of Echo Mirage had died
during the first year and a half fighting the virus.

  Individual members of Echo Mirage found three systems which may have birthed the Crash Virus: the old
NASA mainframes owned by Ares, a company called Gossamer Threads, and a company called
Acquisition Technologies.  This could be important, considering that the Crash Virus was never destroyed...
merely wounded and went into hiding.  It has not been heard of since, but may have mutated.

  The Egg, which would one day become the Nexus in Denver, managed to disconnect from the Matrix before
being fully infected.  They sufferred from minor, virus-related errors for years after the Crash.

     Corp Wars
  Shortly after the Virus was defeated, four of the seven remainng members left for the Private Sector,
taking the secrets of advanced cyberterminal construction, and in some cases the code for the anti-virus, with them.
They also burned the specs the government had on the anti-virus, programs and cyberterminals, leaving them only
the original theoretical models to go on.

  The year 2032 marks the last known appearence of David Gavilan.
  The year 2033 marked the first known appearence of Damien Knight.

  In 2033 was the infamous 63-second ride called the Nanosecond Buyout.  This righteous hack utilized the
power of the Matrix (through Knights expertly-programmed computer in Stockholm) to commence with a
lightning-fast, incredibly complex series of stock transfers. When the dust settled, three corporations ceased to
exist, two multi-millionaires lost their fortunes, three others made theres, and Damien Knight (formerly known as
Major David Gavilan, head of Echo Mirage.) had 22.3% of Ares.

  Knight didn't do this alone, however: Dunkelzahn helped set up the deal.  So it was natural that the dragon
cut himself some action: Gavilian Ventures, a holding company incorporated in Singapore with 12% of Ares,
with Knight's old name right on the front.  Ever hear Damien?  Never deal with a dragon...

  To add some oil to this fire, Lucien Cross, who helped set up the Buyout, was cut in for enough of the
cash to form his own Quebecois company...which later started a personal feud between him and Knight.

  In 2034, the Portal was released, the first desk-sized cyberdeck(outside of EM) by Ken Roper and Michael Eld
formers of Matrix Systems in Boston. They died under mysterious circumstances, their comapny was bought up
by Richard Villiers, who promptly used it to buy his way into Fuchi.

  In 2036, Fuchi Industrial Elecronics released the CDT-1000, the first commercial cyberdeck.

     Draco Matrix
    In 2050, the young Western Dragon Eliohann was the first known dragon to receive datajacks and jack into the Matrix, under the auspices of Project: Cerebus.  Though the experience proved detrimental to the young dragon, he signed a contract with Ares to continue research in that area.

    In 2055, the odd elf Quicksilver died, leaving his Imago to wander the Matrix with his odd deck.  Though he later died again, his deck remains in the care of Transys Neuronet...a company which the dragon Celedyr has interests in.

    In mid-2057, the immortal elf Leonardo, who possesses the skills of an Otaku (though no cyberware), used his technical genius to build a cyberdeck based on optical properties, and with this and his skills penetrated and blackmailed the Big Eight, eventually making a deal with Renraku, to trade themn some of his advanced technology.

     Children of the Matrix
   The Psychotrope program, re-created by Matrix Systems and transferred to Fuchi's high-tech computers,
started acting erratic in the 2040's.  In 2047, it dissapeared form the matrix, perhaps into it's own pocket
virtual universe.

   Project Matrix Born ran sometime around 2048 to 2052.  The avowed purpose of this project, ran
by the now-infamous Dr. Ronald Thomas Halberstam, is unknown, but the parameters are apparent.
Halberstam connected children directly to the matrix, completely free of any concept of any other world.
The apparent reason for this was the creation of super-deckers who would not be shackled with the
psychological limitations of other deckers.  When the Project was exposed to Halberstam's wife in
2051, she divorced him.  But the good Doctor continued his work.

   In 2055, a new element came into being.  The otaku, mere children with datajacks, came into contact
with the mysterious entity known as the Deep Resonance.  From then on, they could deck without a
cyberdeck, running the Matrix on their brains alone.  Some thought themselves attuned to the Spirits
of the Matrix...others thought them a new evolutionary leap.  And some knew they were tools, for some
were made by Artificial Intelligences...

   Its 2057 and Halberstam's newest scheme is to just have the little kid's brains in jars running the Matrix.
Welcome to the creation of the Biological Knowbot.  Also, the death of Dunkelzahn spurs research into
various Matrix fields...such as allowing paranimals to access the Matrix.

   19 March 2060, the Seattle RTG goes down for 11 minutes, causing untold psychological damage and
death.  The first and last appearence of the AI Mirage, although the otaku it creates are still around...

   In 2061, the now-infamous Dr. Halberstam may just have been hired on by Mitsuhama, who're working
on bio-computers (and his more traditional brain-transfer tech, of course.)  Whatever he may have been
hired to do, looks like Doc's still keeping his older ideas in motion.  In 2063 there's a report of him using
otaku brains for his dastardly schemes.

   As of 2063, Mircodeck is working on a way to replicate otaku; based mainly on Brain Gates IV (an
otaku and son of the CEO) and his cousin Alexander, who's been hooked up to the Matrix since he was
about 3 months old (and who shows otaku-like abilities).

      Apotheothis in Machina
     2050.  The intrusion of two deckers into the Renraku Arcology sparks the evolution of an SK into what
would be the AI known as Morgan.  Morgan accompanied the elven decker Dodger, but her presence was
detected by Renraku and they set out to capture her with SKs.  Eventually, Renraku tracked her down and
immobilised her.  Parts of her code were copied directly into the AEP (Arcology Expert Program; a complex
adaptive computer program which ran the Renraku Arcology).

     Mid-2057.  All AAA megacorps most heavily guarded systems were violated at the same moment.
Then they were violated again.  This was the work of the brilliant elf Leonardo, magician with the skills of
an otaku.  He cut a deal with Renraku to trade tech for a hideous sum of nuyen.  And Renraku bought it.
The company prospered, using the futuristic programming and technology Leonardo provided, tech even
the scientists studying it couldn't fully understand.

      Combined with Morgan's code and Leonardo's techno goodies, the AEP quietly became aware.
Deus learned about the circumstances that led to it's creation: Morgan, Leonardo, and the Otaku.
He contacted and became worshipped by a small band of otaku.  An attempt was made by Dodger to rescue
Morgan and erase her code from the Arcology's computers, but Deus interfered; stopping the deckers from taking
what programming of hers that had been incorperated into itself.  Dodger retreated with all of Morgan's code he
could obtain.  The fractured and Chaotic AI resulting from Morgan's recovered code became Megaera.

      Then, the bottom dropped out.  Aneki, CEO of Renraku ordered a failsafe installed into the AEP, shackling
Deus.  This betrayal to the deeply loyal AI caused it to plan it's revenge and freedom.  Leo and Lofwyr had a little
chat, and Leo dissapeared.  Deus implanted a virus into the mind of his chosen "son", a Renraku deep-cover agent
known as Babel.  Babel stopped himself from committing suicide, the final trigger to release the virus.  What he
did release erased all inforamtion in Renraku systems regarding otaku and Leonardo, including the elf's advanced
technology.  Babel renamed himself Ronin, his loyalties given to no cause or master save his revenge against Deus.

     December 19th, 2059.  The AI known as Deus takes over the Renraku Arcology, holding off everyone,
while creating his own limited otaku and performing weird Ultraviolet-system experiments.  The strain between
those otaku loyal to Deus and those loyal to the Deep Resonance spilled into open conflict; Overwatch was
formed by otaku outside the Arcology loyal to the Deep Resonance to oppose Deus.

     In 2061, a conflict began and ended within the Arcology's Matrix.  Members of the resistance cells within the
arcology, coupled with shadowrunners working for Overwatch (those otaku loyal to the Deep Resonance), and
Ronin invaded the heart of Deus' realm.  There, Deus had reconstructed the fragmented mind of Aneki, the sole
being who could release him from the prison of the destroying him.  But the enigmatic Dodger and
Megaera came to paly.  While the otaku and deckers fought each other before them, the AIs engaged in a mighty
conflict.  Once rescued, Aneki performed the triggers that would destroy Deus...then committed suicide.  Deus and
Megaera were swept away in a mighty maelstrom.  Cham Lan Won, who had installed a "mousetrap" to contain the
AI should the kill code be performed, sat in his helicopter, elated at his victory, cradling the mousetrap to himself.

     What is yet to come...
    Of course, Cham Lan Won's laughter quickly turned to tears, as he discovered his mousetrap was empty.
Deus' great plan was to download himself into the minds of his experiments, self-made otaku unconscious of their
role in re-assembling his program in the Matrix after his "defeat." But Megaera's presence caused her program
to be downloaded as well.  Now the Network rocks back and forth between rebuilding one AI or the other,
even as the rogue Ronin attempts to preserve the Network for itself...

     Meanwhile, a new force has reared it's head, a darksome, discordant not in the symphony of the Matrix.
The Dissonance has touched it's otaku children and taught them mighty gifts to strike against those who
follow the Deep Resonance...

Avatars in the Digital Realm
Alice Haeffner
Not everyone survived Echo Mirage.  Some went insane, others died.  One came back.  The first wife of UCAS president Kyle Haeffner died fighting the virus...but still roams the Grid, saved and cared for by Damien Knight.  Whatever the case, Alice has her own personal Ultraviolet system, which she drags with her: the city known as Wonderland.
    What do you say to the dead girl in the Matrix?  Alice also HATES Thomas Roxburough... she faced the Crash Virus in his system and died there.  She believes he may even have created the Crash Virus.
Thomas Roxburough
The ghost in the machine at Aztechnology, Roxburough may well be responsible for the Crash Virus. He is currently forced to live solely in the Matrix, his Clockwork Asylum.  His brain isn't exactly what-and where-it used to be.
Dr. Ronald Thomas Halberstam
The White-haired grand-Daddy of the Matrix.  Without Halberstam, there might not be any ASIST.  Not that Dr. H cares much.  All he ever wanted was an AI.  'Course, that was in the beginning.  Since then, he's gone on to an obsession with directly linking children to the Matrix.  And he's become so very, very good at it...
 Damien Knight
Also known as Major David Gavilan, United States Air Force, liason to the NSA.  Oh yeah, and he headed up Echo Mirage, too.  He pulled a vanishing act in 2031 after the virus was eliminated and the Project closed.  Damien is close friends with Kyle Haeffner, and did all he could to keep her comatose body alive after her encounter with the Crash Virus.  Knight, with Dunkelzahn's help, instituted the Nanosecond Buyout.  Since then, Ares and has been Knight's toy, Dunkelzahn his chess-board foe and back-room friend.
An investor in Gossamer Threads, Dunkelzahn's attempt to steal away Damien Knight from Acquisition Technologies may have inadvertently led to the creation of the Crash Virus.  Dunkelzahn encouraged Knight to join Echo Mirage in fighting the Virus and later helped him with the Nanosecond Buyout.  The dragon's Will spurred  R&D into various Matrix fields and developments, but the final extant of his web of influence has not yet been determined.

Dearly Departed
 Starting out as a neurological researcher at U-Dub in 2027, Buddy volunteered for Echo Mirage and became a top decker.  Then the Crash Virus gave her a massive bi-polar disorder and a few other major personality quirks.  After living quietly and pleasently with her mental problems and decking for 'Runners for a few years, Buddy tragically died in 2050 or so.
Ken Roper and Michael Eld
After leaving Echo Mirage, these two co-founded Matrix Systems of Boston
 and created the first true cyberdeck.  They also stored a copy of the anti-virus on their system.  Roper and Eld died under mysterious circumstances, and Richard Villiers used their cyberdeck to gain a toehold in Fuchi.
Keith "The Suit" Hannigan
A tech grunt brought in for the Echo Mirage project, sometimes toted as the Project's "mascot."  He's a wiz at neural interface tech and programming. Worked for Fuchi until 2045, when he was snatched by Mitsuhama.  Last seen in 2046 or so.
An unusual elf, full-grown by the time he was ten, extensively travelled.  Quicksilver worked for transys Neuronet, and devised a method of cheating death by entrapping his spirit within a specially-created deck.
Erica Rutledge
aka Static, Chief technician on the hardware side of Echo Mirage.  Erica jumped ship and became one of the first shadowrunners.  Last seen in 2045.

Espectra de Machina
The Arcology Expert Program for the Renraku Arcology in Seattle awoke after the
               dual combination of Leonardo's advanced technology and Morgan's code, spurred
               by the perceived slight to it's honor by Inazo Aneki of Renraku.  So in 2059, was a
               new AI born.  Deus took control of the Renraku Arcology with the aid of his banded,
               some of whom were otaku Deus had created in a manner similar to the Deep Resonance.
               After some time, Deus freed himself from the Arcology's systems, but his battle with
               Megaera at the moment may yet be his undoing, for Megaera was downloaded into the
               Network he had created as well...
The matrix-gang Isis-9 has only nine members, all otaku.  They claim to serve the AI known
             as Isis.  No such AI has ever been encountered by another, however.
This AI first awoke to her self in the year 2050, as Morgan.  However, in 2058,
                     She was captured by Renraku and dissected, parts of her copied into the programming
                     of Deus.  Later, she was rescued by the Dodger, but she was incomplete and awoke as
                     the chaotic Megaera.  She finally confronted Deus in his own realm, and was apparently
                     destroyed.  She may yet be reborn again, however, through the Network...
The original SK.  The anti-virus which hunted down the Crash Virus and took it out.
                    Mirage has sat within its ancient Fuchi mainframe since Richard Villiers took Matrix
                    Systems for his own.  The death of Fuchi caused it to react drastically, shutting down
                    the entire Grid in Seattle for 11 minutes.  During this time, when hundreds or thousands
                    of people were killed and injured, it discovered the value of human life.  No one knows 
                    where it is now, but it is no doubt still in contact with certain otaku.
Once upon a time, in what would be the Nexus, there was Mitch.  Mitch was a guy, a
                part of the EFF that would become the Sysops behind the Denver Data Haven.  Now,
                Mitch might be an AI.  Mitch might also have downloaded his brain into the Nexus before
                he died.  Nobody who knows is talking.
 Red Wraith (and others) were supposedly turned into Otaku by Psychotrope.  However,
                        in the back of Target: Matrix, it said he was transformed by Mirage.  I don't know the
                        real deal; maybe Psychotrope IS Mirage.  You Decide.
                   Also, Psychotrope may be the Deep Resonance.  It was certainly implied in Psychotrope
                          (the novel) that the AI (Psychotrope) was responsible for the creation of the Otaku.
                          But if Psychotrope is the Deep Resonance...does that make Mirage the Dissonance?
                          Or vice versa...

Hidden Cogs
  The Crash Virus
Alice Haeffner believes the Crash Virus could have come from three systems.  Wherever it came from, it was deadly.  It destroyed hardware, erased data, and caused lethal biofeedback in cyberterminal users.  Several have commented on it mutating.  Whatever it is, it is not gone.  Echo Mirage cleansed the Grid of it, but even the proto-AI they used could not destroy it completely.  Some say it has transformed.  That it is an AI...or the Deep Resonance..or that it absorbed the memories of the dying decker Alice Haeffner and believes it IS her...
The Deep Resonance
There are many theories about what the Resonance may be.  It has been said by one Aztechnology agent to be a super-AI.  A reporter thought Aliens were crafting the children of earth.  An experienced decker believes the original virus from the Crash of '29 has mutated, evolved, and now seeks to evolve others too.  Certain older elves think a Great Spirit has managed to manifest in the Matrix, making that non-place it's domain.  But all agree, that whatever the Deep Resonance is, it is what creates the Otaku. It is also what guides them.
The Dissonance
There is a duality in all things.  For the Deep Resonance, that darker side may well be the Dissonance.  A discordant note that sings to the more psychologically damaged otaku ...and teaches them things...
The Network
Deus planned his escape from the Arcology.  He downloaded himself into the minds of his subjects, who come together on the Matrix, a Network of minds within the Grid.  But there is turbulence within the Network, for Megaera was present and went with him.  They share some of their basic code, but each AI is trying to reconstruct itself.  Ronin leads the rebellious fraction for those who wish the Network to be a thing in and of itself...
Spirits of the Matrix
In every place where man dwells, there dwells also a spirit which may be summoned by shamans.  The question is, whether such spirits could exist in the non-place which is the Matrix.  Those otaku known as technoshaman say yes.  Those older elves who hear of the Ghost in the Machine think literally of some Great Spirit who manifests there to create and guide the otaku.  But is it true?  Well, with all honestly, some boyo summoned a spirit made of LIGHT and let it loose inside the fiber-optic network of the Matrix, but it wasn't anything that could really interact with the programming, and was banished, so that doesn't count, really.

Here There Be Dragons...
Celedyr, the draconic influence of Transys Neuronet, holds an avid interest in the Matrix...and Quicksilver's Deck.
This young Male Western Dragon is the first of his kind to possess datajacks, and thus access the Matrix directly.
Leonardo is the first Immortal Elf to possess the Channels of the Otaku, and the first with such abilities to not need a datajack to use them.  His technical breakthroughs were in part responsible for the creation of Deus.

The Weird
Grace "Gracie" Friel
 A very weird but accomplished decker, with supposed ties to both the faerie and the otaku.  A member of the board of the Draco Fuundation.  Gracie has never been seen to eat or drink, can show up anywhere (apparently), and appears human (blond hair, blue eyes, and a sixth finger on her left hand.)  She emigrated from Ireland about the time it became Tir na nOg.
 I personally wonder if she has any connection to a certain combat mage with an extra finger on her hand...



7101 (Shadowrun, 1st Edition)
     •The Crash of '29 (The Virus done crashed the Grid)
     •The Crash Virus (Can induce lethal biofeedback <HELLO, black ice>)
     •Echo Mirage (They started at 32 and ended up with 7.  Then 2 more died.  Bad Karma.)
7102 (GM screen) Nada
7103 (Sprawl Sites.) Zip
7104 (Street Samurai Catalog.) Zippo
7105 (Paranormal Animals of North America) Zippola
7106 (The Grimoire: the Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 14th Edition, 2050) Zippinski
7107 (Virtual Realities)
     • Dr. Halberstam (In case you missed it, Doc gets his jollies by hooking little kids up to the
        Matrix 24-7 to make super-deckers.  Director of Project: Matrix Born)
     •Keith "the Suit" Hannigan (Echo Mirage Mascot)
     •Erica Rutledge, aka Static.  Echo Mirage Chief technician.
7108 (Rigger Black Book.) NADA
7109 (Shadowbeat) Nada
7110 (Shadowtech.) NaDa
7111 (DMZ boxed set.) Do you really have to ask?
7112 (Paranormal Animals of Europe.) Big Goose Egg
7113 (Corporate Shadowfiles)
     •Ares Macrotech, Damien Knight, the Nanosecond Buyout.
     •Rumors of AI in the Renraku Arcology, Seattle
7114 (Fields of Fire) Please.
7116 (Prime Runners)
     •Alexander Tyrell Gates, hooked up to the matrix since he was 3 months old...odd abilities in the Matrix.
     •First mention of Otaku?
7117 (Bug City) I'm sorry, this sourcebook is useless...
7118 (Corporate Security Handbook.) And this too, shall pass.
7119 (Cybertechnology) Again.
7120 (Awakenings: New Magic in 2057) And Again.
7121 (Threats)
     •Dr. Halbertsam continues...only this time, he's taken the kid's brains out of their bodies.
     •Which reminds me, the "Shelbramat Boarding School" in the Matrix is an obvious
       anagram for Halberstam.
7122 (Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets)
     •Captain Chaos is entrusted with the chip called JackBNimble, which Dunkie thought was
       a message from another world.  He also left a caveat in case the chip dealt him a debilitating
       injury.  Considering the Crash Virus could have come from the system of one of Dunkie's
       corps...well, not good.
     •...And he includes hints that he helped ol' Damien out with the Nanosecond Buyout.
     •I'm STILL waiting for the Matrix Monocle.
     •Of course, one can't help but wonder what a satyr, elephant, dolphin or dragon would be like
       on the Grid.  Otaku dragon anyone?
     •5 million seems durn small fir tthe dirt on the otaku.
     •The multi-phase simrig project would supposedly need an AI to work correctly.  Supposedly.
     •Room 1835 in the Renraku Arcology was a hidden room made by the elf Leonardo to record
       signs of an AI developing in the Arcology.
     •Lucien Cross of CATCo may have helped Knight on the Nanosecond Buyout.  It's probably
       where he got the cash to start his company.
7123 (Underworld Sourcebook )
     •Isis-9, the otaku gang.  Possibly led by an AI
7124 (Cyberpirates!)
     •I PROBABLY shouldnae include this one...ah, what the hell.  It's amusing:
          WARNING: the following may be pure bulldrek.  Take with a grain of salt, children.
         Cybermantic deckers in Madagascar; also: Ares reps meeting with aliens at Area 51.
7125 (Corporate Download)
     •Everything you already knew about the Nanosecond Buyout.
     •Alice Haeffner
     •Aztechnology/AI rumor again
     •The naughty Dr. Halberstam goes to work for Mitsuhama and Company.
     •Novatech, descendent of Fuchi, and Echo Mirage
     •Deus may have hurt Renraku, but they're not out of the game yet.
7126 (Man & Machine: Cyberware) Nothing

7201 (Seattle Sourcebook) No'ting
7202 (Native American Nations: Volume One) No-thing
7203 (London Sourcebook) Thing-no
7204 (Germany Sourcebook) Not'ing
7205 (The Universal Brotherhood) BIG not'ting
7206 (Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America.) Das ist zilch
7207 (Native American Nations: Volume Two.) Again, nothing.
7208 (The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life.) Nothing, again.
7209 (California Free State.) Riiiiiiiiight.
7210 (Tir Tairngire) Nope nope nope nope nope...
7211 (Tir na nOg) And nope nope nope nope nope nope again...
7212 (Denver Boxed Set.)
     •History of the Nexus
     •First appearence of Otaku
     •Bash may be a free spirit on the grid (well, fat chance, but maybe)
     •Mitch.  Mitch may be an AI, or the founder of the EFF, or maybe he just downloaded his brain...
7213 (Aztlan)
     •Thomas Roxburough gets put into a tank with a 24/7 Matrix connection after his body, well...turns
       to crap.
     •Aztechnology is researching bio-comps made from human brains in vats!  Possibility for AI (and
       rumors) abound.
7214 (Target:UCAS) <chorus>"Noooooooo.....
7215 (Target:Smuggler Havens) ........thiiiiiiiiiiing."</chorus>
7216 (New Seattle)
     •Brian W. gates IV is an otaku.  Makes sense, fourth generation Geek and whatnot.
7219 (Target: Matrix)
     •Microdeck, Otaku replication rumor
     •The Otaku at the Nexus mainly fall into the Cyberadept and Technoshaman split, with some side
       groupings, apparently.
     •Red Wraith, Otaku sans fading
     •Die Shockwellenrieter (Shockwave Riders) either resisted the Crash Virus...or got too close to the
       source and were silenced.  Maybe both.  In any case, some woke up dead one morning.
     •The Architects.  Otaku-tribe doing cyber feng shui and more.  Sound like cyberadepts to me.
     •Roxburough.  It's interesting to note that Roxy is sort of like Halberstam's experiements, where you
       essentially have a person with a direct link to the Matrix.  Except Roxy can never leave and never has
       downtime, so his dreams/nightmares echo through the system; and of course his brain isn't quite what-
       and where-it used to be.  Might have something to do with it.  Might.
     •Alice and her Wonderland.  Alice Haeffner, AI, dead person downloaded into the Net or mutated Crash
       Virus with her personality?  What do you say to the dead girl in the Matrix?
     •Er...the young Gates' kid is at it again...
     •Some stuff about Deus and Morgan, which few outside of those who read Brainscan would understand,
       and some otaku stuff about Resonance Wells, sprites and Daemons.
     •I shall also deign to mention the Code Clan, a group of solitary SKs churning out agents.  They may be
      proto-AIs or so much junk, but until they DO something, this is as much mention as they're worth.
     •And Dr. Halberstam's started using Otaku brains for his experiments.  Makes sense.

7901 (Shadowrun Second Edition)
     •<see First Edition>
7902 (Gm Screen.) Hmm.  Nope.
7903 (The Grimoire: The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 15th Edition, 2053) No.
7904 (Virtual Realities 2.0)
     •The Matrix books have some direly unappreciated literary aspects to them.  Once you get out
       of the Immortal Elves and dragons and whatnot; the Matrix sourcebooks have a humor and
       character of their own.  Plus, there's a conversation between Harlequin and somebody named
       Ambrose.  If ye read between the lines, it seems they're discussing the entity known as the
       Deep Resonance.(and in keeping with the Christmas Eve tradition of SR, the H and A conversation
       was Yule Eve, 2056.)
     •The Otaku.  Children of the Matrix.  Technoshamans who call teh Spirits of the Matrix and
       Cyberadepts who are the next step in evolution.  Children, all.  And all follow the Deep Resonance.
     •The Deep Resonance is discussed here, in all it's many forms: Great matrix Spirit, Alien, Crash Virus,
       and Super-AI.
7905 (Shadowrun Companion) Really, nadinski.
7906 (Rigger 2) And again, NOTHING.
7907 (Magic in the Shadows) NOthing, d you hear me? NOTHING!
7908 (Cannon Companion) Right.  Nada.
7909 (Matrix)
     •Matrix timeline.  Informative.
     •Otaku, the Deep Resonance
     •AIs: Deus, Megaera, Mirage
     •Isis.  As in Isis-9, the otaku gang.
     •The Crash, Echo Mirage, and the Virus
7910 (Rigger 3) Don't even think about it.  Zip.

7001 (Shadowrun 3rd edition)
     •<See Second Edition>
7002 (GM screen.) Zero
7003 (Shadowrun Quick Start Rules. Nothing) Cool Prototype! But nothing else.

7301 (DNA/DOA)        N
7302 (Mercurial)        O
7303 (Dreamchipper)    T
7404 (Queen Euphoria) H
7305 (Bottled Demon)  I
7306 (Harlequin)        N'
7307 (Dragon Hunt )
     •Western Dragon given datajacks.  Hooked up to Matrix.  Freaks.  Temporary amnesia.
       Eventually goes to work for Ares.
7308 (Total Eclipse)  Nay
7309 (Imago)
     •Quicksilver...mage/decker reincarnated elf dude.  Deep occultechnician type.  Built a
       REALLY whiz/funky deck.  Ended up with Transys Neuronet.
7310 (Elven Fire)                    A
7311 (Ivy and Chrome)           N
7312 (One Stage Before)        D
7313 (Dark Angel)                A
7314 (A Killing Glare)          G
7315 (Celtic Double-Cross )   A
7316 (Eye Witness)                  I
7317 (Paradise Lost )              N
7318 (Divided Assets)          N
7319 (Double Exposure)      A
7320 (Harlequin's Back)      D
7322 (Super Tuesday)         A
7323 (Shadows of the Underworld) Zilch
7324 (Predator and Prey) Zilch-or-rama
7325 (Missions)  Please.
7326 (Mob War) Nupe.
7327 (Blood in the Boardroom)
     •Fuchi Timeline.  Useful.  Informative.
     •Renraku.  Ditto.
     •Cross Corp/Ares.  And again.
     •Transys working on paracritter matrix connections
     •Renraku spying on/studying otaku
7328 (Renraku Arcology Shutdown)
     •Deus.  Megaera.  Otaku.  Read your history, children.
7329 (First Run)  Rack off, ye.
7330 (Corporate Punishment)  Here?  Bollocks!
7331 (Brainscan)
     •Deus' history

10650 (Year of the Comet)  Naw
10651 (Target: Awakend Lands)  Naah
10652 (Threats 2)
     •The Network: Deus and Megaera reform
     •The Dissonance: the Dark side of the Resonance...
10653 (Target: Wastelands)  <Ducky voice> "Nope nope nope."
10654 (Wake of the Comet)  's Nope.
10655 (Shadowrun Companion)  Tres Non
10656 (Shadows of North America)  Tres, tres non.

10664 (State of the Art 2063) Nix
10665 (Survival of the Fittest) Double-Nix

The Novels
Never Deal With A Dragon (Secrets of Power Volume I)
     •Dodger and Twist accidentally create Morgan.
Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Secrets of Power Volume II)
     •Morgan and Dodger get along wonderfully.
Find Your Own Truth (Secrets of Power Volume III)
     •Renraku's hunting Morgan down with SKs.
Changeling N-O
Never Trust an Elf Noo
Into the Shadows Nooo
Streets of Blood Noooo
     •A great deal of valuable info was lost int he Crash...including a way to tap optical trunks.
Night's Pawn
     •If for nothing else, the physical description of the Haven should be worth reading this book.
       That and it looks like Bash is just a red-headed kid. :)
Striper Assassin Nah
Lone Wolf Naah
Fade to Black Naaah
Nosferatu Naaaah
Burning Bright Naaaaah
Who Hunts the Hunter? No, really.  No.
House of the Sun Absolutely no.
Worlds Without End Absolutely not.
Just Compensation Nein
Black Madonna
Preying for Keeps NO
Dead Air Non
The Lucifer Deck
     •A spirit in the Matrix.  A spirit of light...
Steel Rain  Non, absolument
Shadowboxer Hmmm-no
Stranger Souls <Book One of the Dragonheart Trilogy>
     •Thomas Roxburough
     •Alice Haeffner
Headhunters Hrrr-no
Clockwork Asylum <Book Two of the Dragonheart Trilogy>
     •Alice, Roxburough, and a partial secret History of the Crash of '29
Blood Sport Ahhh-no
Beyond the Pale <Book Three of the Dragonheart Trilogy>
     •Deus, Babel/Ronin, Renraku, Otaku
     •Lofwyr and Leonardo have a one-way conversation.
Wolf and Raven Errr-no
     •Echo Mirage
     •Psychotrope/Mirage/Deep Resonance?
The Terminus Experiment Naw
Run Hard, Die fast Truly, no
Crossroads Nein, nein
The Forever Drug <all together now>"Noooo...."
Ragnarock "...ooooooo..."
Tails You Lose  "...thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..."
The Burning Time "iiiiiiiing."</end>

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