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Hard Rock

Gentle Readers, next time you decide to attend a musical venue, you may want to re-think your plan. This CaseFile was collected from Europe, which just goes to show that Cluelessness exists even in "the Old Country". This GM's campaign was set in an 'X-Files" style format, with the PC's acting as Government Agents

There was trouble in the Sprawl. At each of the last four concerts by the underground band, Scarab, their have been five deaths. In every case the bodies, although recently dead, looked as if they had been lying under a desert sun for days. In fact, post-mortem examinations revealed the bodies contained desert sand, as well as Egyptian desert beetles. The next concert of Scarab was rumored to be in three days, and in order to prevent another five certain deaths, one of the PCs contacts, a high brass in Lone star, asks the group to help him out with the case.

After three days of legwork, the PC's finally discover the location of the next concert: the second floor of a five-story parking lot. This lot was a 'natural light' garage, containing a big (5m x 5m) clear glass "skylight" through ALL floors. Each glass skylight was thick enough that cars may park on it as well. The PC's suspect ritual blood magic, and wanted to take out any mages first. They land the Agency's chopper on the garage roof (the only area non-secured by the bad guys), and look through the skylight. Below, they can see mages standing near the podium from which the band is performing.

PC#1 figures that the glass is too thick to shoot a bullet through, and the GM confirms that each glass layer is strong enough to support several parked cars. After discussion, the players decide that they will blast open the skylights with three offensive grenades, then PC#2 will pump a couple of concussion grenades onto the podium with a multi-barrel grenade launcher, in order to take out the mages for later interrogation.

Meanwhile, PC#3 (on ground level and not in contact with his partners on the roof!) figures it would be a good idea to blow up the main generator downstairs. Using 1.5 kg of C-12 (!!) he rigs the charges and sets the timer for 1.5 minutes.

The GM asks "Do you REALLY want to do this?". (Of course, they do)

PC#1 fires off his three offensive grenades. The throngs of wildly gyrating dancers directly below begin to experience a shower of shattered glass. PC#2, as planned, pumps off his concussion grenades.

Now this is an illegal rock concert, so there is only one exit from the garage. Panic breaks out, which is only natural when a roof collapes in a hailstorm of glass and explosions. All attendees not trampled, unconcious, or bleeding to death from glass shards break for the single downward stairway, just in time to meet the explosion of a generator and 1.5 kg of C-12.

Net Result: 70 dead. 50 bodies in Intensive Care. The rest barely on their feet.

Not a bad way to prevent five deaths from ritual magic...

Karen - karenmr@shadowrun.html.com

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