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Born to be Wild

"Get your motor running
Head out on the highway!
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way."

OK, that sentiment aside, it seems that stepping into the car these days is taking your life into your hands. And it's getting worse.

Fasten your seat belts! The clueless have hit the road again!

Most of the players were speed freaks. One owned a powerful Porsche, two of them had BMW Blitzen bikes, and the only one with a trace of common sense owned a Jackrabbit.

The newbie in our group owned one of the bikes (a veteran player had another) and had arranged to have his bike turbocharged up the hoop. In response, the veteran player had HIS bike set up with a nitrous-oxide injector and custom rocket booster.

Well, the newbie was not happy at having been outdone, but had no money to further upgrade his Blitzen. In a fit of jealousy he hid a small pack of C4 explosives on the rocket bike of the veteran player.

All this vehicle tuning costs nuyen, so the group arranges a run with their fixer. Events progressed well and led to the group needing to make a trip around the city. Of course, everyone took his own vehicle.

Cruising down the interstate, the two bikers started to play speed games. The newbie went on full throttle and managed to lead for some distance until the veteran activated his rocket booster. Needless to say, the bikers barely managed to avoid hitting other cars on the highway and causing an accident. The driver of the Porsche, however, managed to stay close. Only the little Jackrabbit was left behind, where he cruised along inconspicuously.

Engines screamed as the two bikes swerved in and out of traffic lanes. Other drivers swore and honked their horns at the two maniacs. Eventually the booster bike drew alongside the newbie and started to pull ahead.

Newbie: "That's it, I've had it. I'm pulling the remote detonator out of my jacket and activating it!"
Veteran: "Huh?"
GM: "Fine. The booster bike, along with the gallons of rocket fuel in its auxiliary tanks, goes up in a brilliant fireball, killing its rider."
Newbie: "Woo hoo!"
Veteran: "What?!?"
GM: (continuing along as if uninterrupted) to the newbie: "The explosion occurs directly in front of you and you drive straight into the blast wave."

The explosion and resulting crash finished off the newbie. Meanwhile, the Porsche closed on the bikes and, like in the movie Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise, drove straight through the black smoke and nose-dived into the crater the explosion left behind.

A few minutes later the driver of the Jackrabbit arrived on the accident scene and, after asking the Star what happened, decided to take a few days off.

Elapsed Time for this Super Hose-Up: Less than ten minutes
Result: 75% of team dead.

A Street Sam, a Physad and a Shaman are hired to stop a convoy of trucks that were headed from the NAN into Seattle.

The runners find a good spot in a forested area and plan an ambush. After discussion, the Street Sam comes up with a brilliant plan! They could use a fallen tree to block the road!

The Street Sam and the Physad use their combined strength to take down a large tree. With much maneuvering they pull it from the woods and place it across the road. Then the Sam tells the Shaman to cast invisibility on the tree.

So, now there is a large invisible tree lying across the road. Thinking they have the perfect roadblock, the runners settle in to wait for their target.

While they are waiting, two commuter cars come around the curve. The first car crashes into the tree at over 100 kph, sending a shower of glass and blood across the asphalt. The second car immediately crunches into the back of the first and drives almost halfway over the smaller car.

The runners watch in stunned silence.

A third car comes from the opposite direction and it, too, impacts with the tree. Mere seconds later the spilled gasoline ignites in a blazing chain reaction of exploding cars.

The runners slink away and begin discussing Brilliant Plan B...

I was supposed to drive into Denver today to do some Christmas shopping but you know, after writing this, I think I'll just stay home...

This will conclude the efforts of CLUE for the first millennium. Do you think, just maybe, there's a chance we might see the end to Cluelessness in the second...?

(pauses to think)


My best wishes to all of CLUE's faithful readers and their families for a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

See you next month,

Karen - karenmr@shadowrun.html.com

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