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The Case Of The Mysterious Missing Clue

Addendum to file: This file, which has already appeared in CLUE, had somehow dropped away to the datea netherworld. So, I've re-issued it, for the edification of those who have not yet experienced it.
Well faithful readers, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… The following tale comes courtesy of the same individual who informed C.L.U.E. about CaseFile No. 4 (the St. Sam who liked to break fingers).
It was a very simple job. A local Yakuza boss wanted some muscle to help protect his family while he was attending some high level negotiations with other bosses. The runner group was to stay in the family home (which was already equipped with a state of the art security system).

The team decker set himself up in the control room for the security system. The PhysAd and the Mage were staying with the family in the basement family room. The Troll St. Sam set up in the main floor living room, fondling his guns.

Decker: I sweep the outside with the security cameras. What do I see?

GM: You see a long black car drive slowly past the house down the street. It makes a U-turn and parks in front of the house. Two suits get out of the car. One of them is carrying a large briefcase. They are looking at the house, and talking to each other.

Decker: Hmmmm. I aim the microphones at them. What are they saying?

GM: One says “have you hit the house yet?” The other says “No, I was waiting for you.” The first says “Right, lets do it!” They begin to walk towards the house.

St. Sam: “Right on! I grab my shotgun and head for the front door. I wait for them to get close.”

GM: “They approach the front door. One opens the briefcase and reaches inside.”

Decker: “I use the security system to alert Lone Star”

GM: “OK - Lone Star is on it’s way”

St. Sam: No time for that! I pull the door open. Do I see the guys?”

GM: Ummm yeah, they’re right in front of you. Point blank range”

St. Sam: “I fire my shot gun! One shot to each of them!”

GM: “No problem. You blow baseball size holes in both their chests, they collapse, dead. A book and some papers fall out of the briefcase. In the distance you hear sirens and the sound of a helicopter approaching”.

Decker: “A book? I zoom in the cameras. Do these guys look familiar?”

GM: “Well, one of them is wearing some sort of name tag”

St. Sam: “Name tag? What does it say”

GM: As the first Lone Star van turns into the driveway, you read the name tag on one of the bodies. It says “Elder Smith, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.

I think that, due to the religious nature of this piece, perhaps a moment of silence would be appropriate, in deference to the suffering inflicted by the Clueless on fellow players and GMs everywhere.

In regards to the ‘Repeat Offender’ in CaseFile No. 7, C.L.U.E. received responses from dedicated readers across the globe, but unfortunately, not one guessed correctly (well, actually, one person DID, but it was only after three ‘hints’, so that doesn’t really count…). The Donut Shop Gun incident was perpetrated by the same player who controlled the Rigger Helicopter pilot from the Tir debacle detailed in CaseFile No. 2.

Finally, I would like to take this time to thank all my readers who have sent (and continue to send) along their comments, compliments, and 'war stories’ (after all, my guys can only do so much clueless stuff before I would be forced to engineer a little ‘accident’. Being President of CLUE does carry certain obligations…)

Karen - karenmr@shadowrun.html.com

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