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What Dreams May Come

We all have dreams. Some of them are impossible, some improbable, and some are attainable with effort, patience and perseverance.

Since I was old enough to walk I've loved horses. When I was a teenager I even had one for a while. Tailor was a great horse, but after two years my family couldn't afford him any more and we had to sell him. From that sad day onwards I've dreamed of having my own horse again.

Yesterday, after twenty-five years of waiting and wishing, that day came. Tristan is a grey gelding of indeterminate origin but amazing potential. I can hardly wait to start working with him.

But, you say, this is a Shadowrun column. What does this have to do with Shadowrun?

To support my purchase and ongoing expenses, I've had to (temporarily) take a full-time job. In the evenings, my husband (who is working on his Masters of Computer Engineering while holding down his own full-time job) hogs the computer. He has to - assignments have to be completed and submitted on time. The time and opportunity to write CLUE, at least for the next three months or so, will be extremely scarce. In the free time I DO have, I want to enjoy my dream horse.

So, with that said, I've decided to take a short hiatus from CLUE. Don't think I've given it up. There will be columns in the future, just not on a monthly basis. Please keep sending me your tales of woe and cries for help - I'll need your input for future files.

Remember - the Clueless are out there. There is no escape. Be vigilant!

Ciao (for now)

Karen - karenmr@shadowrun.html.com

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