History: The Necromancer is a hermetic mage, originally from New Orleans, with a rather unique access to certain spirits types relevant to her area of interest. Her principle focus of study will be spirit lore, and she could make a lovely villian, specialist contact for a PC, or anything else you can dream up. Please note she's not a necrophiliac or that she needs to summon up a horde of undead monstrosities to satisfy a power trip (though she can, and could if you want her to). Rather, she prefers a scholarly existence, investigating shedim, tomb spirits and the like. However, if she ever got ahold of the Dead Man's Book or the complete Mauvais Manual, she might be much more deranged...and dangerous.

A note: The Necromancer prefers to use spirits in combat, and will have one on hand at all times (usually an Ancestor spirit or Spirit of Ghede at Force:5). When summoning an Ancestor spirit, the Necromancer prefers to summon Great Form ancestor spirits, who resemble ancient, mythological elven heroes. She centers by speaking invocations in Coptic.

Handle: The Necromancer
Real Name: Mellanie Daron
Female Albino Elf

Apperence: A slim woman, whose smooth skin belies her thirty years of age. Her sharply-pointed ears poke from her silk-fine platinum-blonde hair; and her slanted eyes are a piercing blue, surrounded by blood-shot whites. Standing nearly two and a half meters tall, the NEcromancer's pale ivory skin is stretched across a hideously thin exaggerration of the typical elven body, her breasts are small but firm looking, and her hands and fingers are exquistely long, tipped by silver-hued nails.

Advantages: Low-Light Vision

Astral Combat:12

Spirit Affinity (Ancestor Spirits)
Summoning Talent (Ancestor Spirit, Spirit of Ghede, Zombie)

Allergy (Sunlight, Minor)
Cursed Karma
Simsense Vertigo
Spirit Bane (Blood Spirits, Toxic Ancestor Spirits)

Active Skills: Aura Reading:6, Centering:6, Conjuring:9, Enchanting:9, Etiquette:6, Negotiation:6, Sorcery:9

Martial Arts: Carromeleg:5 (Focus Will, Kick Attack)

Knowledge SKills: (Aztec Mythology:5, Evauate Magical Goods:10, Magic Background: 10, metaplanes:4, New Orleans Magic:6, Shamanic Magic:4, Spell Design:6, Spirit Lore:8, Talismongering:8, Totem Identification:4)

Languages: Coptic:6, English:3 (R/W:1), French:6 (R/W:3), Latin:3 (R/W:6), Spanish:6 (R/W:3), Sperethiel:6 (R/W:3)

Initiate Grade:8
Metamagics: Centering, Channelling, Invoking, Masking, Possessing, Reflecting, Sacrificing, Sensing

Combat: Death Touch:7, Slaughter Ghoul:8, Slay Vampire:8, Sleep:8, Slow Death:5, Spiritblast:8, Spirit Bolt:8

Detection: Analyze Magic:9, Detect Magic:9, Diagnose:4, Mind Probe:8

Health: Antidote:6, Cripple Limb:4, Cure Disease:6, Detox:6, Heal:8, Hibernate:6, Oxygenate:4, Preserve:6, Stabilze:4, Treat:8

Illusion: Agony:6, Physical Mask:6, Silence:4, Stealth:4, Stink:6

Manipulation: Alter Memory:5, Animate:7. Astral Barrier:10, Astral Window:4, Control Actions:5, Control Emotion:5, Control Fire:4, Control Thoughts:5, Corps Cadavre:8, Influence:5, Mana Static:9, Mob Mind:4, Mob Mood:4, Petrify:6, Shape Earth:4, Shape Water:4, Wind:4

Tres Chich Clothing (black cotton t-shirt, thin black leather jacket that ends at her knees, black and dark grey fatigue pants tucked into boots.)

Full-body suit of Form-fitting body armor (Fire Resistance (2). Nonconductive(1))
w/Forearm Guards (4/2)

1 pair of Hardliner Gloves

Earplug cellphone

Through her academic conenctions, consider Mellanie to possess access to Rating 10 hermetic libraries in all subjects.

Three hand-made rings of platinum and electrum wire on her left hand (fetishes to conjure an Ancestor spirit)

Stone Medallion inlaid with Orichalcum pattern [Ancestor Spirit Focus (5)]


Force 6 Ally Spirit Familar (Medaron)
B:6, Q:6, S:6, C:8, I:6, W:7

Forms: Decaying mummy enshrouded in tattered wrappings and charms, black cat with collar clasped with a gold Egyptian scarab, a younger and slightly shorter (5 cm) version of Mellanie.

Powers:Aid Power, Materialization, Sense Link, Sorcery, Telepathic Link, three-Dimensional Movement

Active Skills: Sorcery:9, Etiquette:6

Knowledge Skills: Magic Background:6, Metaplanes:4

Spells: Analyze Magic:5, Corps Cadavre:6, Heal:6, Spirit Bolt:5